Ron Paul: Print More Money? Spend More Money? This is Crazy!

  • Those Highlights the chick has must have turned her mind into mush

  • It’s like watching a female sportscaster.

  • Surfisher

    *Logical Repercussions After the 2012 Presidential Selection*

    (listed by the most likely outcome — note: ‘Selection’ since no longer can our votes be termed ‘Election’)

    1) The BO wins — and further tries to plunge our Nation under its Socialist Programs aimed to completely destroy our Economy and Liberties. However, most of its teeth have been pulled by the Republicon wins in 2010, and some more of the same in 2012 — so, it is nearly toothless, if it wins the Selection.

    [[Remotely possible worst case scenario — it, the BO, declares Marshall Law in the near future (under some pre-planned “catastrophe” already home-cooked by it, and its sycophantic staff), thus trying to emerge as the “Benevolent” Dictator of USA to “save US all”.]]

    2) The Rmoney wins — this creature has stated it will support whatever its Money Donors tell it to do! Expect the International Jewish owned Central Banks and Federal Reserve to instruct IT to attack Iran IMMEDIATELY (in order to protect Israel…from a possible, in maybe 10 years, manufacturing a single crude “atomic” bomb).

    [[Viable worst case scenario — a Rmoney win, along with the expected Republicon wins in Congress and Senate, will give the Mitt a sure boost to attack not only Iran, but Syria, and any other nation IT, the Mitt, wants, to please its Masters that Selected this creature!]]

    So, for ALL of you that think voting for the Lesser of Two Evils is OK — make sure you figure out which one is “LESS EVIL”!

    JUST VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE — and do not reward these creatures by acknowledging their existence!

  • He’s from Texas, just like Chuck Norris. That clear things up?

  • If you agree with Ron Paul here then please vote for Obama, he’s the candidate who reflects the spirit of what Ron Paul says much more than Romney does.

  • Surfisher


    “The GOP is smarter than we”!

    While, We The People, have hopes of saving our Nation — THEY, the GOP Elite, have none.

    We are idealistic — believers that Truth, Liberty and Justice will eventually prevail, thus saving US from imminent economic collapse and the loss of all freedoms!

    The GOP Establishment has no such illusions — THEY want to assure that ONLY THEY and THEIR OWN have first dibs on the choices pieces of meat, when the carving of the American People starts. THEY do not want rejuvenation of the Republican Party, nor is stagnation enough — PURGING is needed, so THEY are first in line to pick our bones clean when the economic collapse starts. (Same goes for the Dems in power).

    We, the Real American People (the producers), are the HOST — and THEY, the Non-Producers, are the Parasites!

    While the Host was strong and healthy in the past — the parasites fed well with little notice on OUR loss.

    But, NOW the Parasites have become GREATER than the HOST — meaning in order to survive, THEY have to suck MORE blood out of US than we can produce for ourselves, let alone THEM.

    Realizing this, THEY are preparing the road ONLY for THEMSELVES and THEIR OWN to strip our carcass clean (after they’ve sucked US dry).

    Now, back to working two jobs Real Americans, so you can produce some more to feed THEM longer…until THEY are finally ready to send you to the glue factory… (“Animal Farm” by George Orwell).


  • I can’t believe they’d put a stock exchange pic behind this woman and she doesn’t understand the first thing about money.

  • We need no party… George Washington warned us against this 2 Party crap. This Rep/Dem game is just to reduce constituent control of who gets elected.

    Ron Paul will still get my vote this November!

  • Yes friend perhaps you are right on that.

  • Listen to the last comment the reporter made about: Gold standard “ideas”…

    Does this reporter have ANY clue at all about US History???

  • No. We need to get rid of the party system all together.

  • No. We need to get rid of the party system all together.

  • We need a new party. No the same old Rep & Dem that do nothing. We need a new party and his president should be Ron Paul. RON PAUL FOR US PRESIDENT NO ONE ELSE!!

  • Wrong. “Two parties wishing to engage in a transaction involving time” means an obligor issuing a promissory obligation to redeem that transaction contributing back to the pool of wealth equal measures of what he has taken. You are stuck on an illusion, and don’t understand what money is. But you are welcome to debate PFMPE anytime even as a natural born exploiter for unearned profit or a naive sheep. Maybe you will understand reality one day. Watch this: /watch?v=LYpc5gwmphE

  • Ron Paul doesn’t let ANYONE interrupt him.

  • i love this video……

  • ron paul isnt going to win. just saying.