Ron Paul: Print More Money? Spend More Money? This is Crazy!

  • Im stating what interest is. You’re trying to evade with what the banks and legal cartels define as “money creation”. I don’t think you’re actually responding to me, but attacking some concept that I wasn’t even referring to. What I’m talking about is honest. If I loan you $5, I’ll want back $6 at the end of a year or two. This is interest. What you’re talking about is a giant system that’s been legally protected by our corrupt govt. When people cry “get rid of interest”, they’re being idiots.

  • Yeah, cool, keep your ad hominem and evade the fact that we don’t borrow money from banks but create it through our signature on promissory obligations and that banks launder principal into their unwarranted possession. Nice, evade the fact that we shouldn’t be borrowing any money at all because you don’t understand it and the truth is outside your box. Great champ, stay away from Mathematically Perfected Economy, because we don’t need parrots that don’t want to understand about money creation.

  • Oh, I see. You think Fractional Reserve Banking, legalized banking cartelization, croneyism and federal monetary monopoly is the same thing as two people or entities agreeing on an interest rate when they lend money. Grow up.

  • This woman and (most people for that matter) can not get her mind around the thought of the gold standard.


  • Keep on parroting it while the banks steal principal on conception through your signature on a promissory note. Pay for the privilege of being robbed of your right to issue your own unexploited promissory obligations to real creditors that give up property for tokens of value. Yeah, brilliant, babble purported economics of the likes of Mises-Rockefeller and Hayek aka “banking is extremely profitable”. Spread the lies while everybody else is deprived of their potential prosperity. Leeches love it

  • I’m not normally mean with comments, but are you really that stupid?

  • So how much money do you get for a comment like this? I could use some extra money..but on the other hand I would probably have to drink away the memory of writing such nonsense. Mitt “honest” f*ckingflipflop..?, get a real grip(on your d*ck, instead of the keyboard)

  • LMAO, are you really that stupid, or was this just a lame attempt at sarcasm?!

  • Interest is the value you place on your money while you’re not using it, or the value you place on someone’s money while you use it, because they aren’t. If you start talking about getting rid of interest it will just go to the black market. If I’m loaning you $5 for a year, I want $6 back at the end. You’re going to have to suck it up, because it’s not your money to borrow, it’s mine to lend. Absolving debt is INSANE. Even talking about it suggests we should dive into debt ASAP. Moral Hazard.

  • These people can’t understand that interest is unwarranted since banks have never given up property commensurable to the debts they falsify to themselves. They just want to parrot purported economists that defend the banks blindly. You are close to understand the issues mate, so keep on studying MPE. One day these guys will understand that we are the only creators of money the true creditors. But it depend on us to lead by example. They are still submissive to liars, but you can’t be anymore.

  • Ron Paul supporters should prepare to start a write in campaign.

  • You’re wrong. Interest is the lawful, moral, and just recompense for a service rendered. I recommend your read Bastiat. Try googling for “bastiat capital and interest.”

    If I give you the fruit of my labor for you to employ for your profit, and in the giving I am denied that same fruit, why shouldn’t I receive a compensation?

  • your an idiot

  • Ron Paul is so knowledgeable & intelligent!

  • I don’t disagree that interest is a problem, but I view it more as one of many evils in our current financial paradigm. Absolving debt would be hugely beneficial for humanity. I don’t think that’s crazy at all.

  • ^Troll

  • Thanks for that! I haven’t laughed so hard for days 😉

  • The Gold Standard is stupid. Ron Paul is a sorry ass Traitor and a Coward. We will never support anything Ron Paul says or thinks. We hate the idiot Ron Paul. Ron Paul supports Terrorism against the USA. Mitt Romney is a true American Hero. Mitt is very wealthy and a Mormon so he has earned your allegiance and obedience. Stop being a damn PaulTard. Vote for Honest Mitt Romney 2012.

  • Ron Paul keep fighting and don’t back up an inch!

  • French Canadian

    It is not crazy if your goal is to destruct the country. Unfortunately, that is their goal.
    They are not crazy, they are evil.

    • Scott R

      I disagree… I think the goal of the printing is to maintain power as they buy votes with entitlements without the coresponding increase in taxes. The other goal is to keep the wealth from moving from the rich to the other classes by proping up asset classes that are dependant on the value of the currency. This keeps everything expensive for the average Joe, but those who own it keep collecting dollars and never have to suffer thru price corrections based on the low underlying demand.

      I would like to believe that Obama is misguided, and doesn’t understand how economics work. I don’t think they want to destroy the economy or America… although that may be the long term result. Socialism usually ends when the people realize that the politicians have more then everyone else (ie a scam) or when the economy gets so bad that there is an uprising. You can also through the unsustainable wars on there and how nations that overextend their military end up in economic ruin, or worse yet, taken out by other nations. Obama needs a history lesson.

    • French Canadian


      Will you please WAKE-UP?

      YES, they want to destroy this country, otherwise, the NWO will never see the light of the day. How can you be that naive? Gee… it isn’t that hard to understand. Besides all the papers that the Globalists wrote , says it in plain sight. Maybe you should follow Alex Jones for a while… or you will never wake-up to reality.

      I am so discouraged to see how many Americans have no clue of what is really going on out there. The whole world knows except America. No wonder you are such in a huge mess.