Ron Paul: Print More Money? Spend More Money? This is Crazy!

  • Reporter SHUT UP!!!!!

  • Love it when President.Paul doesn’t let the reporter interupt him.
    – Reporter!… ask your questions, and just listen, please.

  • It would be too late, because by that time, Americans will no longer have free elections, and Obama will claim dictatorial powers. Don’t let your country fall apart! It’s not just the US that will be affected by the economic collapse, but also the World!


  • It would be too late, because by that time, Americans will no longer have free elections, and Obama will claim dictatorial powers. Don’t let your country fall apart! It’s not just the US that will be affected by the economic collapse, but also the World!

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    Money should NOT be materialized “Out of Thin Air”
    Neither by a Central Bank with Fiat Notes and Fractional Reserves
    By Government Treasury monetizing its debt/expenses by issuing credit notes.

    The MPE people suggest that “interest” is wrong, unfair and “usury”.
    But interest is simply RENT for use of Capital, no different than owning a commercial building or a house and offering it for rent.

    The REAL difference is that the Banksters don’t have any money to “rent”.
    They “legally” are allowed to create money out of thin air and are permitted to charge interest for something they never owned.

    100% Reserves and a commodity bullion currency would eliminate the theft of the middle classes wealth, as is the case now.

    MINT bullion coins NOT print worthless fiat paper notes
    anyone buying

  • 99% of America will NOT vote for either Paul or Johnson, simply because they’re blind and stupid. As much as 50% of America will likely NOT cast their vote in November because it WON’T make any difference. The greedy corporate bankers have already decided who they want in office, Obama or Romney. White or Black, makes no difference, they have the SAME idiotic brain. The Ron Pauls and Gary Johnsons ONLY ACCOUNT 1% of America, which makes the whole thing IRREVERSIBLE.

  • Logic seems a lost cause on those in the Reserve. Perhaps not for they might be a part of the destruction of the monetary standard anyhow. I am not sure on that though. monetary standard of what? Fiat and worthless paper over silver and gold which have real world uses. Um perhaps I should go back and see what is real and what is not real.

  • Allah bless you Ron Paul, for telling the truth. Ron Paul you are priceless. Inshallah you will be our new President. Dear Mr. Raun Paul, I have been praying for you to Allah, for you to be our new President. When someone says” Inshallah” your prayers will come true. Inshallah, inshallah, Allah brings peace to America. We love you Mr. Ron Paul, because you have honest & good soul. When we listen you, you give us happiness & hope. Ron Paul you are a beautiful Congress. We Love your wife too.

  • We wouldn’t absolve the debts during implementation David, we would resolve it to it’s rightful state, paying all prior payments of interest instead towards principal, refinancing it under MPE, and abiding the repayment schedule (if the debts would not be extinguished by it’s retification), acording to the rate of depreciation of the related property. Please, add me on skype, I’ll introduce you to our MPE skype group. Cheers

  • If a home builder wants to sell his house above the market rate, and a home buyer is willing to pay the extra amount so be it. All I am saying is that the home buyer has a right to create money (or his promisssary obligation to pay down the debt) up to the free market value, Anything beyond that, ie interest, has to come out of his own pocket. The reason being is that money has to be tied to real wealth, something tangible and meaningful.

  • I never said getting rid of interest will sove the evil banks crisis. First, get rid of the banks. Then, absolve of debt. FInally, implement an MPE system.

    Under an MPE system, we are the rightful creators of money and not the banks. Our money is backed by our labor and production. If we create money to say, by a loan, we must retire that money out circulation so as to prevent inflation. The key is, that created money is interest free. All we need is a public agency to publicize are debts.

  • O.K. dude, this isn’t a pissing contest. If I am wrong and you are right then fine. If we agree to disagree then that is O.K. as well.

    What I am telling you is that interest and currency create problems. You keep telling me why interest is needed and justified, and I keep telling you why it isn’t for a different reason.

    I understand the free market rational you are using…ie the business cycle. While that a decent argument, it doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

  • Well, from a pure bartering standpoint, when two people agree to trade (and there are no third parties), and money is not involved, I don’t think it is called interest. Technically, it could be, but whatever.

    Even if it is interest for the sake of argument, and it is good in a bartering situation between two parties, what I am telling you is that when currency becomes subject interest there in lies the problem.

  • Your “arguments” continue to pull in examples of situations I never once referred to. The calls to “get rid of interest” in an attempt to solve the “evil banks” is the straw man. You look it up. Don’t pull up “ad-hominem” and “straw man” in an attempt to make your case sound better. I simply stated what interest is and why it’s not the actual problem. You’re then pulling in examples of actual problems, and saying that’s why interest is bad. Get your head out of your ass, you egotistical freak.

  • If you want to know what MPE is (I don’t know humor me), you are more than welcome to google it. If you are interested in protecting your stance on the gold standard, wouldn’t it make sense for your to see others attack your position?

    So, go ahead and research what exactly MPE Is. Try to grasp what I am trying to explain to you. IF you have any questions feel free to ask. It took me some time to understand it.

    No pressure bro, just two freedom lovers having a healthy discussion.

  • You said interest isn’t needed when a guy is trading pigs for goats. I didn’t say it was a required part of every transaction. I said it’s a useful tool in a transaction. In your example you indicate someone might receive goats now for pigs he pays later. The goat seller may likely want to receive additional pigs later than he would normally if he received the trade today. That’s interest. It doesn’t matter what medium you use.