Ron Paul Delegates FURIOUS over RNC Betrayal

  • fucking illuminati

  • Sad day in Paulitics!

  • I like Rand Paul, but he is NOT like his father.


  • Time to change from party based control freaks to principle based independences.
    Church is no longer separate from State and State is no longer separate from the Federal UNION . American States lost itheir independence unable to be self support and you people call all this good –LOL
    R –igged
    N- ational
    C — rime
    The only good think that could happen is Obamney = Romney be thrown in JAIL To BIG TO JAIL for the American sheep herders

  • The Illuminati already knows who will win. They knew George Bush would win and he was a huge puppet for them. Something needs to happen. We CANNOT let this happen in 2016.

  • It’s the principle of the thing and the father has it but the son does not. No matter what good intentions he may have had he will be viewed as, selling his soul to the devil as a stepping stone.

  • The American people have been blatantly betrayed by the ruling class technocrats, what a travesty in today’s history.

  • Doesn’t everyone realize that Rand’s speech needs to be approved. Obviously he’s not going to be allowed to rail against the establishment.

  • Rand Paul? Sellout, How do you play both parties in the name of liberty? You Don’t.

  • Ben Swann’s got bigger balls than Rand Paul.

    I will still watch Rand in how he votes during his term as senator and base my support on that, but if he’s truly on the liberty side, he should have at least taken one jab at the establishment.

  • …and the world is no more the same! everything or less or probably many things will be so wrong that it could be! Barack Hussein Obama = Obama will start war or wars or even the WW3 (World War 3)! unfortunately!

  • those who are against Ron Paul and part of Illuminati and worshiping Satan and has sell their souls to him Satan also knows the Devil want that Obama is elected and he will be the US next president of 2012 and Mitt Romney the second in that presidential race! and this is the truth, so Ron Paul although might run by himself / itself but wont be select to be the next president! everyone or most of US politics has sell their souls to the Devil! after Obama election things will go horrible wrong…

  • Exactly!!!!! The bible is a bigger lie than the RNC….

  • You’re fucking retarded, God isn’t real, and the bible is the biggest work of fiction ever written.

  • The only Devil that exists, exists within man, wake up you sheep.

  • Ok we have been cheated, just like I thought, more sham services shoved down our necks. So what’s next? Very sad when everyone is willingly fooled. It’s a fraudulently aquired electronic election what can we expect. We all knew this was coming a mile away. More lies more fraud to get there guy in. Very sad.

  • 5:15 Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney. Romney came up with the plan for ‘Obamacare’. A rose is a rose by any other name!

    Rand is NO Ron. When push comes to shove, he’s shown he won’t stand up against the machine like his Dad has.

  • The U.S. is a dictatorship!