Ron Paul Delegates FURIOUS over RNC Betrayal

  • “trying to steal the election…” Steal? You’re implying that RP was doing something illegal in his campaign. Are you retarded?

  • The Ron Paul Delegates were mistreated…. Surprise Surprise. + Voter fraud in almost every state primary. More Surprise Surprise. + Bias Media… OMG and Americans… just roll over and take it… without even any Jiffylub. + the sitting President ain’t even a Citizen …and we all know what’s been done about that. Nodda! No one in Politics gives a rats ass about this Country or where it’s headed. Money Money Money Money. I hope frekin Obama gets relected, so this Country will FLOP


  • Surfisher

    *Logical Repercussions After the 2012 Presidential Selection*

    (listed by the most likely outcome — note: ‘Selection’ since no longer can our votes be termed ‘Election’)

    1) The BO wins — and further tries to plunge our Nation under its Socialist Programs aimed to completely destroy our Economy and Liberties. However, most of its teeth have been pulled by the Republicon wins in 2010, and some more of the same in 2012 — so, it is nearly toothless, if it wins the Selection.

    [[Remotely possible worst case scenario — it, the BO, declares Marshall Law in the near future (under some pre-planned “catastrophe” already home-cooked by it, and its sycophantic staff), thus trying to emerge as the “Benevolent” Dictator of USA to “save US all”.]]

    2) The Rmoney wins — this creature has stated it will support whatever its Money Donors tell it to do! Expect the International Jewish owned Central Banks and Federal Reserve to instruct IT to attack Iran IMMEDIATELY (in order to protect Israel…from a possible, in maybe 10 years, manufacturing a single crude “atomic” bomb).

    [[Viable worst case scenario — a Rmoney win, along with the expected Republicon wins in Congress and Senate, will give the Mitt a sure boost to attack not only Iran, but Syria, and any other nation IT, the Mitt, wants, to please its Masters that Selected this creature!]]

    So, for ALL of you that think voting for the Lesser of Two Evils is OK — make sure you figure out which one is “LESS EVIL”!

    JUST VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE — and do not reward these creatures by acknowledging their existence!

    • Surfisher

      Write in Ron Paul is finally online!

      Vote and spread it like wildfire!

      partial powerful info (read all):

      “…This is a WIN-WIN strategy for all voters. It is the way to address the issues of electronic election fraud. All people desire that their votes be counted. Write-in Elections achieves this by assuring a permanent, verifiable paper trail, which is lacking in the current voting system. This is through the emphasis on the use of absentee ballots, which are photocopied, along with affidavits….”

  • Don’t vote for any of the 2 frauds. Vote for Gary Johnson.

  • Seems we can’t get any traction on anyone decent, Ventura would be a reincarnation of George Washington compared to what our choices are now!

  • I am not sure if I will vote period since it is rigged, But at least if Romney wins we will be rid of Odumbo! At least with Romney we will have a little more time to prepare for the collapse ,because for sure Romney would have to proceed with a little moderation!

  • You’re wasting your breath on this Romney Retard!

  • Kiss my Ass! Fraud loving Fucking Asshole, Look it up asshole R.P. was robbed at every turn and kept off air, You’re a Dumbass!

  • Your comment suggest you are a bit confused as to what actually happened.
    The RNC committed fraud.
    If by “Republic”, you mean 10 fat, old men now choose who gets seated, then you have a Republic. However, in the real world knight4justice, the RNC has now shown itself to be fraudulent, and in doing so have destroyed themselves and any hopes of getting Romney into the whitehouse. Easy win for Obama now.

  • doesnt it bother you that Ron Paul tried to destroy the voice of the people by trying to steal the election through a delegate only strategy? If you love our Republic you should be supporting the RNC because they preserved the peoples voice and stopped Ron Pauls delegate only strategy.

  • yeah, cult, try regular concerned citizens who should have every right to have a say in who is president of this country. I would have voted for Romney had I not seen some of his dirty tricks.

  • RNC didnt betray anything. The Ron Paul cult tried to steal the election through a delegate only strategy and they are just pissed that their strategy didnt work. Ron Paul tried to destroy the voice of the people but the RNC closed the loop hole stopping their plan. Good for the RNC and the libertarians need to stop crying that their plan to steal the election didnt work.

  • I think you have us confused with Mittler’s troops. The “Paul-ites” are just regular liberty loving middle-class Americans who want change in this country that wont benefit the establishment.

  • Elaborate, please.

  • I remember watching Scott Romney speak at the convention and there was a big black guy standing behind him with a Ron Paul R3VOLUTION sign right above his head. I lol’d!

  • Paul-ites are like Hitler’s Stormtroopers/Brownshirts. there I said it.

  • Romney,who is not even eligible to run,stole his delegates and none of it is legal even by their own rules!The RNC is a Communist org from the get go-after all what do you expect from a party that was formed in1854 by Marxists with OWG as their goal! Everything in this convention was fully pre-scripted – the whole thing was a total FRAUD! Romney is NOT a legal or Constitution candidate.DC does not want true elections with real legal candidates.The last time we did not have eligible ones either.t

  • why shouldn’t we be furious? please elaborate

  • Aaah, good ol’ statism.

    If you believe that changing the hood ornament on the car that is slowly running you over is going to set you free, then no mere words or hundreds of years of evidence will change your mind.

  • I am a Republican, but since Ron Paul was shut out of the GOP, I think the pragmatic choice now is vote for Obama. I hate Romney. Hillary is definitely sympathetic to Ron Paul. I think Obama can compromise with Ron Paul’s ideas more than Slimy Romney.