Ron Paul Delegates FURIOUS over RNC Betrayal

  • A welfare state we can’t afford satisfies liberals. A military state we can’t afford satisfies the conservatives.

    Both choices always lead to a bigger, more powerful Federal government. Do you ever notice how Democrats and Republicans always think they are living under tyranny if the other side has the White House? It’s because they’re both right. They just excuse it when they have their candidate in office. The two-party system is rigged!

  • RNC took a vote. If you supported shout out yes. If you opposed shout out no. That is a vote. The yes’s were louder than the no’s so they pushed the change through. That is perfectly fair.

    It is Ron Paul and his cultists posting Russian propaganda on their websites. I dont know if you noticed but this is the largest Ron Paul channel on youtube posting videos from Russian Today. Before you tell me to go to Russia or China, maybe you need to look at who you are supporting first.

  • Ron Paul/Gary Johnson 2012!!! 3rd PARTY FOR LIFE!!!
    FCK OBOMNEY the GOP & the RNC


  • Ron Paul/Gary Johnson 2012!!! 3rd PARTY FOR LIFE!!!
    FCK OBOMNEY the GOP & the RNC

  • i live in ma and already have mandatory health care i am not voting for romney or baby killer sodomite marriage obama either . I will write in ron paul or allan keyes

  • what are you talking about?

  • the comma should be after the “Say” and not after the “Oh” – 2 seconds in and already I think I’m listening to an idiot

  • the comma should be after the “Say” and not after the “Oh” – 2 seconds in and already I think I’m listening to an idiot

  • Your point in retarded because what RP “tried” to do is fair and what the RNC did was not. Calling for a vote and not counting them is pointless. It’s a dictatorship. If you don’t see MY point, maybe you’d be happier in Russia or China. These countries fit your standards of “fair”. You didn’t hurt anyone’s feeling acting like a child. You only hurt your own argument.

  • So the soldiers support Ron paul… but the american families are voting for the guy’s that want to keep them over their…

  • Your an idiot.

  • Ron Paul = candidate from the Geritol generation

  • you completely overlooked my point. My point is dont cry about what the RNC did if you arent also crying over what Ron Paul tried to do. Now try to miss my point again.

    Yes I call that fair. Do you call trying to win through delegates only fair? What Ron Paul attempted to do was far worse than what the RNC did. At least the RNC has the American people on their side. Ron Paul doesnt even have that.
    Did I hurt your feelings when I said “Ron Paul cultists”? If I did, I dont care.

  • ron paul 4 the people!!! fuck the rich… revolutions!!!

  • Goodluck with that belief.

    With romney at the whitehouse, the rich will get richer.

  • legally change the rule??? what the f__k is that??

    if you’re gonna change the rule after the game starts, why’d you even bother starting the game? you have to be a fucking retard to think that it’s ok. It maybe legal, but it is totally immoral.

  • Re-read my post dumbass. Did I say the rnc was doing something illegal? The rnc passed the rule change through a teleprompter and you call that fair? Not only do you have trouble reading but you also committed ad homenen attacks. Followers. Not cultists. Should I drop to your level and call you a romney retard?

  • what did the RNC do that was illegal? If Ron Paul cultists can scream about how corrupt the RNC is because they legally changed the rules, then I can call out Ron Paul for trying to steal the election through delegates only which is destroying the voice of the people who did not vote for Ron Paul. Romney was nominated by the American people while Ron Paul was not but still tried to take the nomination through a loop hole.

  • Romney is gonna pay for my gas & bills!

    Hope! Change! Birth certificate!

  • Democracy is hypocrisy thanks to the RNC