Ron Paul Delegates FURIOUS over RNC Betrayal

  • Ron Paul is an American hero!
    Rand Paul is for sale!


  • Obama, Romney – Pro-NDAA and both baby killers.

  • I don’t blame them for being mad, I am too. Look, Ron Paul supporters don’t want Obama either but Romney once he gets in office will do the same. He was for gun control, social health care, etc. This country is on the edge of falling into a civil war if we don’t get this fixed.

  • rand acts like a politician but votes like a patriot

  • I don’t trust Rand Paul

  • Guys search :

    American voters: Allow Gary Johnson (and Jill Stein) to be part of the Presidential debates

    in google so people can sign the petition to have Garry in the presidential debates! This is t
    he only way we can have a hope of making a difference. Once people see the logic and ideas Garry has to offer then I am sure they will wake up and vote for him from both Democrats and Republicans! Share this to other people and spread it through facebook. your support matters! Like this too!!!

  • I love RT not just because I’m a proud Slav and Christian but as a Libertarian and Ron Paul supporter they are the only media network that covers Ron Paul’s run…. Rand Paul was forced to back Romney at the convention because of his Senate promises made to the state voters that he would back whatever candidate the GOP chose for the 2012 race… i don’t like it, but i understand he didn’t want to go back on his word to his voters… but he loves his father and is a lot like him obviously.

  • The world would be a better place with Ron Paul as our President. Sadly, we will never see that day.

  • Maybe Rand Paul is going to pull a JFK , play by the rules to get in, than turn around an pull a fast one.

  • paul

    Just a note from 6th grade history class. Charlemagne ended the dark ages with public art works like the Goeblin Tapestry shops. So if the goal of civilization is to create a renaissance, would the goverment be correct in emphacising art and design specifically the plastic arts to promote a enlightenment of mind and a beautification of the environment and a revitalization of industry and manufacturing, through piblic art like murals, sculpture and architecture. I know that it would be diffucult to find that person to manage this that has good taste and a enlightened mind but ideally if there was good public art and design would that not be in tandem with democracy as it was created in Athens, and also that art creates good culture, economic renaissance and a better standard of living. Being art is the original history of humanity whould there not be at least some proclamation to its benefits and importance by politicians. Did not the godlen age of television and art in the 30s and 40s implementied by the Public works programs influence the country for the better provided artists and not caricatures of kitchy artists are employed.

  • YouTube the best News source ever )8^)

  • Physical**…i guess also some vocabulary classes…. or right click…then left click the right word.. i’m so in bliss

  • ron paul supporters shud eat healthy and maintain physcial fitness….for incase shyt goes down. lol but really lets not forget about Christ,

  • Wyclef Jean – If I Was President

    Sad but True.. -_-

  • RAND PAUL 2016!!

    spead the word, Ron’s son will be taking his place as the only real candidate for president.

  • Hallelujah!!! Preach It Brotha!

    p.s. i had no fuckin clue on how to spell that word, thank you google!

  • Now you can’t forget Bush.

    NO ONE voted for that dipshit .. twice

  • i love when they say ” Here’s what the mainstream media is reporting today. ” Because they aren’t the mainstream?

    where the fuck am i suppose to go to get my news? The fuckin newspaper? like anyone finds actual joy in reading..

    they might as well start to refer to themselfs as ‘fair, balanced, and honest.’

    they act as if only 25% of americans watch the news channels to get the news. Because MTV reports on the presidential debates.

  • I’m still voting for Ron Paul. Haha, write in you tools!

  • RT is not a propaganda network. They are right way more often than not.