Ron Paul Delegates FURIOUS over RNC Betrayal

  • Ur listing ways both candidates are different from Ron Paul, but just because they are different from Ron Paul does not mean they are the same as each other.

    I like the two party system. It stops small minority groups from taking over and pulling the nation into extreme directions. People have to comprise with each other and work together. It keeps our nation closer to the center and stops extreme left and extreme right groups from pulling our country too far in one direction.

  • couldn’t fit everything into 500 char grrh
    that they agree on the most important issues (imho) i find that both candidates are the worst ever to be in an election. gotta love the 2 party system. i find that polls should instead report not obama, and not romney

    both want to wage undeclared wars. both love the fed. both ignore the devaluation of the us dollar. both are suported by superpacs

    again, i found the debates to be a joke, and excluding other options (3rd party) is a mockery to democracy

  • Ron Paul did not spark the Tea Party movement. I was out protesting with the Tea Party and I didnt support Ron Paul. I used to support Ron Paul but I stopped supporting him. Tea Party support went from Bachmann, to Perry, to Gingrich, to Santorum, then to Romney. The one candidate to never peak was Ron Paul. It would be accurate to say Ron Paul did have some Tea Party supported but you cant say he sparked the Tea Party. The Tea Party is a grass roots movement with no leader.

  • that’ll be the first time i’ve heard that, he doesn’t have experience, fair enough though you have to take into account he was Dr. No, and his efforts sparked the Tea Party movement, and the liberty movement.
    If you want to see a nation that butchers it’s military, just look up north (defense cuts, but same missions with less money, and cf18s and sea kings)
    tbh, i couldn’t stand watching the debate. there was an agreement between both campaigns to avoid hard questions. i personnally find (cont’d

  • Its not that America isnt ready to accept Ron Pauls ideals. Its they want someone who has actually done something and passing one law his entire career does not make Ron Paul qualified to be President.

    Obama wants to raise taxes, Romney wants to lower taxes. Romney wants a strong military, Obama butchered the military. And so on. There are many differences, go watch the 3 debates between Romney and Obama, you will see many differences between them.


  • You’re right on how America isn’t ready to accept RP and his ideals. Sad thing to accept, but I believe that America will eventually come to accept his ideals.

    Perhaps I’m influenced by “Ron Paul propaganda”, but one might argue you’re influenced by “mainstream media propaganda.”

    Please do tell on how Romney is different from Obama.

  • So Ron Paul has given good speeches to spread his message, therefore he should be President. We already have a president who can give good speeches and look at this disaster we are in. Ron Paul would get into the White House then get nothing done and blame everyone around him

    and if you think Romney is proposing the same thing as Obama, then you need to get away from Ron Paul propaganda. Just because what they are proposing is different from what Ron Paul wants, doesnt mean they are the same

  • Ron Paul has spread the message of liberty, and through his presidential campaign receive more donations from the military than all the other candidates His supporters have exposed blatant voter fraud Sure he is more qualified on a resume, but he’s proposing the exact same things as obama
    There’s already a president who’s NDAA, Patriot Act, Drone wars, Wars in Yemen/Syria secret kill lists expanding the military and balancing the budget a year later no habeas corpus or closing of guantanamo bay

  • Ron Paul has got one law passed his entire career in Congress. Compare that to someone who was successful in business, successful as a governor, and successfully ran the Olympics. It should be common sense who is more qualified and that is Mitt Romney.

    Ron Paul can propose as much stuff as he wants. If he cant get anything done then he isnt qualified to be President. Start showing me stuff Ron Paul has done not what he wants to do. We already have a president who shows what he wants to do.

  • great job responding to me then deleting your comment. You really are a joke.

  • Damn right he is! Look at how well off Massachusetts was after he left!!! If he could do for the USA what he did for Massachusetts… Just imagine how great our country could be! No assault weapons, RomneyCare, more free time for people (since they won’t have any annoying jobs)!!! Being employed is over rated.

  • Just because he wasn’t a governor, doesn’t mean he is less qualified. Romney in Bain passing legislation baffles me and is how the government is in bed with the corporations. Ron Paul had proposed a justified and working budget that would’ve slashed 1 billion dollars year one, end the wars, end the fed and restore liberties, repeal NDAA, Patriot Act. Romney’s jobs plan, budget and others don’t add up. Saying that Romney is different than Obama on except on the key issues is like Coke is to Pepsi

  • Romney was also governor of a state which is key executive experience needed for governing a country. Romney is far more qualified than Ron Paul.

  • Agreed! The private, and public sector are exactly alike. Running a two week sporting event in Utah is waaayy harder than running a country with 300 million people in it. How can people not see this? Ron Paul is a huge failure! Look at all the Federal tax legislation Romney got passed whilst at bain, and he wasn’t even a elected official! That’s what we need! Romney is nothing like Obama (Campaign donors, foreign policy & currency policy aside). Ron Paul = Obama people! Wake up Romney 2012!!!

  • You failed (bang shot your head off)

  • Ron Paul has got one law passed his entire career. We need someone who has a record of success. Romney has been successful in business, running the Olympics, and as a governor. Ron Paul is just another Obama who gives a speech then does nothing. Romney is someone who has the experience to turn this country around.

  • What are you talking about sir? I’m with with you. The Paultards are blind. They think they’re so smart, just because Ron Paul predicted the housing crash years before it happened, and accurately predicted the rate of inflation for the past 24 years. So what?!? That doesn’t mean he’s electable! I’m glad the Paul cultist lost the vote. Now no more crazy grassroot candidates can ever have a chance! This is great! Obviously if Ron Paul’s ideas were goo he would have won Roney/Ryan 2012!!!

  • Ron Paul couldnt win the popular vote in a single state. You are actually trying to say that they werent outvoted. LOL. As I said, everyone knows except the Ron Paul cultists.

  • Yes exactly! That’s what I’ve been saying. We should do all votes in the country this way! Everyone knows how votes are really going to turn out no matter how close they may seem to be. We should just let the people in charge pre-write the elections in this country so the Ron Paul crazies don’t ruin our political system with their “follow the constitution” bullshit!

  • Rand Paul is just as bad as Romney in my eyes…