Ron Paul Delegates FURIOUS over RNC Betrayal

  • Neocon establishment Jews killed America, never ever forget that.

  • When you break down the numbers? really? More accurate to say when you break down the cheating.

  • sadly our politicians have build enough prisions to house all the troops. and they would court marshal all the good service people in our miitary for desertion….

  • uh, who in the hell do you support??

  • you’re a fucking idiot

  • Fuck the RNC. Ron Paul on J Leno 9/4/2012 11:00 AM possile 3rd party president run.


  • If the verse spoke common sense, then people wouldn’t read the bible. The bible (if you’ve actually read it) is so illogical and the biggest myth…

  • Yeah! Get on board and replace this turd with a douche-bag, that way we can get the same thing no matter who wins!…great plan…

  • Thinking that Romney can actually win shows just how out of touch the RNC is with the people. How you pick a fund manager for your cadidate, in a climate where people from both parties have recently vigirously protested about disenfranchisment, is beyond me. Shouldn’t people be talking about the RNC’s censorship or how they fixed the vote for the rule change allowing them not to recognize Ron Paul’s delegates? They are giving the people a big FU. I am no longer a Republican.

  • You call us idiots cause we believe in freedom. Yet you think there is a difference between Romney and Obama………. Who is the idiot here?

  • I’m a Ron Paul supporter. Now I will never vote for Romney. And if abcpools ever wants to step outside this Marine will show that punk who the real nerd is.

  • I wish we could bro.

  • Ron Paul supporters are idiots, and nerds. Go to outback steakhouse and order pizza. Or in other words. Get on board and lets go fire The dinglebery in the White House.

  • TloveRon

  • chapelle flash back, haha.

  • R3voltion time & mass disobedience.

  • Interesting that this video was posted by Ron Pauls team and half of it was about questioning Rand Pauls motives.. Is there a feud in the works here?

  • Why should we accept this dismaying turn of events? If we want Ron Paul as president, why can’t we simply demand his election, and refuse all other candidates that are presented to us? If we could all band together as one force, one revolution against the establishment, and refuse to accept this crap, they wouldn’t be able to get away with it. We need to show them that their attempts to silence us are futile. The tiny “elite” could easily be trampled underfoot, instead of trying to trample us.

  • freedom and liberty are no longer an american value. greed and world domination are the american way.

  • just search mitt romney on youtube,then search ron paul,then compare the two,there you have it just one example out of the many