Ron Paul Delegates FURIOUS over RNC Betrayal

  • I agree with jme that you are the idiot. U are so blinded by political ego. If you knew whats really going on (and know economics) you’d see Romney and Obama are the same. If you can’t see that you’re the idiot. The economy is going to collapse with either one. And it IS! Dems and Repbs got us where we are.

    Until you learn the truth, get your asinine political bullshit out of my face.

    And get out of my fucked up country, traitor.


  • Why can’t you all just vote for Gary Johnson…. Seriously, Ron Paul has no chance unless he runs as an independent candidate (which I doubt he will).

  • Rand Paul – Exhibit A of a Sellout.

  • Paulbots…. lmao

  • And boy do we have a lot of idiots in this country! My sister is one of them. Not me…

  • Rand is now campaigning for Romney. FUCK YOU RAND

  • please don’t breed

  • I’ve already remade myself.

  • I’m not denying any tyranny our control system churns out. Who does it serve to wallow in the doom and gloom? Not you, not humanity. You have the choice to make real change and that starts with you, not who you potentially can convert, nor with any politician or leader. “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”- Mohatma Gandhi

  • Surfisher


    “The GOP is smarter than we”!

    While, We The People, have hopes of saving our Nation — THEY, the GOP Elite, have none.

    We are idealistic — believers that Truth, Liberty and Justice will eventually prevail, thus saving US from imminent economic collapse and the loss of all freedoms!

    The GOP Establishment has no such illusions — THEY want to assure that ONLY THEY and THEIR OWN have first dibs on the choices pieces of meat, when the carving of the American People starts. THEY do not want rejuvenation of the Republican Party, nor is stagnation enough — PURGING is needed, so THEY are first in line to pick our bones clean when the economic collapse starts. (Same goes for the Dems in power).

    We, the Real American People (the producers), are the HOST — and THEY, the Non-Producers, are the Parasites!

    While the Host was strong and healthy in the past — the parasites fed well with little notice on OUR loss.

    But, NOW the Parasites have become GREATER than the HOST — meaning in order to survive, THEY have to suck MORE blood out of US than we can produce for ourselves, let alone THEM.

    Realizing this, THEY are preparing the road ONLY for THEMSELVES and THEIR OWN to strip our carcass clean (after they’ve sucked US dry).

    Now, back to working two jobs Real Americans, so you can produce some more to feed THEM longer…until THEY are finally ready to send you to the glue factory… (“Animal Farm” by George Orwell).

  • rand has endorsed romney already so he put the flame out the torch

  • Val Drooger

    Anyone else hoping that Rand Paul is a sleeper libertarian agent trying to insert himself into the GOP establishment?

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  • Ron Paul fatal mistake was going against the Federal Reserve banking cartel

  • Ron couldn’t get past the primary? If they gave him half the money Romney had and better campaign leaders he could have beaten Obama. I hope with all my heart that Romney loses and he should, he is in no way better than Obama.

    • Val Drooger

      Couldn’t agree more with the last part.

  • Republican = Nazi not democracy.

  • You really have to be dimwitted to work for RT……

  • Thank you Kristine Frazao for telling the circumstances which under Ron Paul declined a speaking spot at the GNC. We love you for that! <3

  • Thank you Messiah Romney for allowing the Ron Paul’s supporters to listen to you and your short on details speech…We be some good house servants so you can get elected and put us voters back in our places. 2.0 As Clint said…go fuck yourself. Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

  • This would have been my first year to vote, now? I don’t even know anymore. Hopefully my state allows write ins.