Ron Paul Delegates FURIOUS over RNC Betrayal

  • Nice Jerry quote 🙂

    VOTE GARY JOHNSON. Libertarians need to get behind one guy, and he is on the ballot. Like cyberpsygen7 said. do not waste your vote on EVIL. If you are going to waste it, waste in on a good man like Gary Johson. Don’t buy into what the shephards will tell you. If you dislike Romney, don’t vote for him. Simple as that.

  • They are but while Obama is more of a puppet, Romney is much more sinister. He basically is just a greedy pig…

  • Either write in Ron Paul, or if you can’t do that (not sure how the process is in each state) vote for Gary Johnson


  • obama has done some horrible george bush style war crimes you know. so they are both bad

  • Anyone else notice to get this story, we are hearing it from Russia? It’s pretty bad when in America, there is more fair and balanced news coming out of Russia Today and Al-Jazeera.

  • robin

    Ron Paul needs to know he will have our support if he runs 3rd party. The only way to do that is on the Libertarian ticket since Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 50 states. He said he would step down if Ron Paul wanted to run. Of course, both Romney and Obama are trying to change that in several states. We will know tomorrow what his announcement is, but in the meantime, flood his congressional email and let him know we need him to continue the fight and that the way he was treated at the RNC is not the way to leave his 30 year legacy. We also need to continue having an intellectual debate of ideas and issues. People are starting to wake up, and we can’t afford to wait.

  • It’s actually spelt Shit Romney! He spent a lot of effort being a repugnant piece of crap and all he demands is that people call him SHIT Romney!

  • i will NEVER vote for who i think is GOING to WIN
    or who is LESSER of TWO EVILS.
    i Vote for WHO IS RIGHT!


  • I generally have enjoyed RT’s coverage of Dr. Paul. And you can tell that the women above genuinely respect Dr. Paul. But what bothers me is that this is *RT* — and I can’t help but wonder if there’s something that I’m missing. Do we assume that Russia wants to see a President Paul because it means a noninterventionist USA — and, if so, would that be food good or nefarious reasons?

  • I see a difference… Romney is worse! Obama is horrible but Romney is just a fucking amoral inhuman monster! Might as well elect the devil!

  • Ian

    I think the reason the GOP burried him was because he actually tries to teach people how the free market works and how to participate in it whereas the GOP just wanted to use the free market rhetoric to convince people that taxpayer money should all be funneled to big money people and businesses and that somehow itll come full circle. Which it wont.

  • watch?v=35OXo9SSj5I

    Its all fixed.

  • Does anyone know if ALL people making speeches at the convention had to have them “vetted” by the RNC first?

  • Who gives a shit about social issues when the economy is falling apart? All that crap is unimportant now.

  • Well a ‘corporate take over of govt’ would be in the form of socialism, communism, or fascism which are all pretty much the same. Now a truly free-market republic following the US constitution would be a different story. Okay so you say look at the policies of both parties….hmmm…sadly they both support a central bank with fiat paper currency, both support endless wars, neither follows much of the constitution, both want social healthcare, both gov’t propaganda schools. So wat r u tryn 2 say?

  • who cares about those when theres bigger things at risk

  • with all due respect i think you are wrong.. while both sides maybe bought and sold at the very lest the democrats are for social issues ( gay rights, abortion)

  • To all you RP supporters, I strongly advise you to support and vote for Gary Johnson. Ron Paul can’t win do to the sore loser laws, so you might as well vote for Gary Johnson. Besides, he wants Ron Paul as his vice president.

  • Were idiots?? romney is bought and paid for by the same poeplethat bought and payed obama, yet were the idots? STFU

  • don’t breed or vote, jerk.