Ron Paul Delegates FURIOUS over RNC Betrayal

  • Everybody knows that Nazi George Soros pays you to sit on these Ron Paul videos and post negative comments.


  • you bet, furious aint the word, I will not be voteing republican anymore or democrat, for now on it is 3rd party for me.

  • There are some rich Jewish names in the central bank establishment (the fed) but quit blaming the Jews and Israel. Most of them are as ignorant of who runs governments as Americans and Europeans. The globalist central planners hate Israel and will use and turn on her just as they do every other nation they have their fingers in. Some of these anti Israel conspiracy videos are probably put out by palestinians. Believe that junk if you really want to.

  • I will be signing on to the Libertarian party in the future though, no need for Republican or Democrat when both are paid for by the FED.

  • Absolutely right. RP is fantastic, the movement he has created couldn’t have happened if the establishment hasn’t exposed it’s curruption every step of the way. My brother was in the Fargo, ND to vote on delegates and the district leader wouldn’t allow a vote, he said that mitt supporters were already pre-selected and there was no need for a vote. They ended up shutting down and kicking everybody out before allowing a vote.

    I however, live in MN and proudly placed my delegate vote!!

  • You’re a liar. Ron Paul only ran as a Republican so he could get more publicity and raise more money. He never was a serious candidate. He is a con man and you are his mark. You’re a schmuck.

  • if you need ron paul fans to vote for your candidate… perhaps there are enough of us out there to matter? perhaps even with all of the bs the media has been feeding since the first republican debate in 2011 we have still stood on strong morals and rationality? perhaps you should consider where your values lie, and for a second appreciate all of the honesty and integrity us Ron Paul fans have, and with that said, perhaps put less effort into trying to sway our vote, and come to our side. RP!!

  • The GOP cheated in several other states like Oklahoma and California to keep Ron Paul from winning those states as well. That’s why they are being sued. Why don’t you tell the whole story mr. biased.

  • He did not spread any message. He lied to people, cheated them out of their money, and misinformed stupid teenagers. He had no influence on the GOP platform. He’s a con man and his followers are suckers.

  • The only states where he had a plurality were Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, and Louisiana. Even then, Louisiana was strongly contested, as was Maine. Regardless, those are only four states. This story is inaccurate. Nevada delegates were bound to support Romney. The rule change takes effect in 2016 (requiring plurality of 8 instead of 5).

  • So why wasn’t he nominated? Who in their right mind wants Romney or Obama?

  • So why wasn’t he nominated? Who in their right mind wants Romney or Obama?

  • This is what people can’t seem to understand. RON PAUL DIDN’T NEED TO WIN THE ELECTION TO WIN. He won!!! He isn’t in it for the power, the title, or to live in a mansion on capitol hill. He is, and always has been in it to spread the message of freedom. Sure, you can be more influential if you’re in office, but he was never willing to compromise his beliefs to get there. His son obviously is. Ron Paul’s legacy in decades to come will overshadow those of our last several presidents.

  • fuck rand paul

  • he did decline the opportunity as he would have had to endorse Romney and allow his speech be edited by RNC and Romney campaign

  • Did she say Ron Paul declined an opportunity to speak at the RNC? I don’t think thats correct.

  • rnc fuckd up!

  • Yeah, vote for Cthulhu! Why vote for the lesser evil?

  • Romney- War In Iran – Russia, China, Iran will wipe out US – People from Israel will Move to US ( the government is already here)- Israel will be vacation spot for Jews. Peace in the World.O by the way when that happens no more worries about jobs, health care, retirement.