Ron Paul Delegates FURIOUS over RNC Betrayal

  • Gary Johnson!

  • I watch Russian news in America. Because I have too.

  • its rude and immature. they screw you over with a big middle finger and laugh at you. they are sick and i have a genuine concern for their karma. the system will fail. stand tall.

    New America

  • SO. its official: like completely and absolutely. system is rigged and corrupt. haha yes some will say “well no duhhhh” but i kept a small spark of hope for them cause i thought maybe just maybe they’ll turn around their ways. i am wrong. i dont expect it to get better. a long time ago i’ve made amends for the times going from bad to worse which seems inevitable. they’ve declared those who are sane domestic terrorist. they grab our attention and publicly lie to us

  • NCAA

  • NCAA Stop The NWO Stop The NAU

  • fuckin a right

  • To the commenters below me, I say, you can stop one man but you cannot stop his ideas.

  • what the fuck are you babbling about? I simply corrected a fact in the video. Get some counseling to help you cope with Ron Paul’s crushing defeat.


  • Your still at it attaking people instead of spreading a positive message. Wow man, you really need to mature. You can not be taken serious by an educated individual. You are petty and waste time spreading hate. Read the comments I left on your page and please wake from this negative rage you are caught up in. Get over it RP is not a presidential candidate so what purpose are you serving? I feel sorry for your family when all you do is spread negativity and hate. Find a hobby man!

  • Ron Paul used it to his advantage ok. He used it to make some money off dumb schmucks who took him seriously and thought he was a serious candidate. He was not trying to “break the establishment.” There will be a 3rd party candidate this year. He will lose by a lot and perhaps get blamed for Romney’s loss.

  • in short if you figure out the game is rigged, and then figure out how to still use it to your advantage your pretty dam smart. and that i believe was the Ron Paul revolution all along use the est to break the establishment. their will be a 3rd party candidate one day soon, provided the planet survives the 2012 doom sayers lol

  • your only mad because he was smart enough to get his message out inspite of the establishment, Ron Paul coulden’t afford to win in 2012 because the momentium for a return to sensibility is not yet strong enough to support all the sweeping changs that must be made to kill prgressivism and keynesianism in this country a win would have been a lame duck presidency because the legislature would fracture not support him this would kill his movement in 4 short years but one day it will be strong enough

  • oh and obama leaving out the public option for his health care reform was pretty shady. What about TARP? Appointing wallstreeters to his economic team? failing to attack the mortgage crisis, and wtf the DREAM ACT?! Its all rubbish, both sides might be nuts

  • that must be why obama was in favor of SOPA and PIPA. Regulating free information is…..kinda nazi like dont you think pal?

  • you had a chance

  • That was lip service for Dr. Paul. Insulting!!

  • un bee leave a bull

  • Everybody knows your an imbecile.

  • The Republican Party just lost the White House to Obama and his Neo-Comm and Neo-Nazi comrades.
    Now, everybody knows that the Republican Party is led by hopelessly corrupt Facists.