Ron Paul Delegates FURIOUS over RNC Betrayal

  • Why do you guys like Ventura so much? I agree with him on some important things but he is an arrogant twit. We can do better than him.

  • I”ve got this gutt feeling that Ron is never gonna make it to 2016 elections, He is a sore eye to the reserve bank!!!!

  • That”s the sign that everythink is wrong with Amerika today!!!!!

  • That”s the sign that everythink is wrong with Amerika today!!!!!

  • You have serious issues and are clearly Palestinian. Israel does not own the fed. As a nation they are as duped as America as to who is controlling governments and the nwo globalism. Quit with your foolish lies that direct hatred where it doesn’t belong. No one gives a rip about your lie spewing video.


  • Al-Jazeera? are you serious?

  • Stupid supporters shouldn’t be furious. These peope really are like children stomping their feet. Go complain to Alex Jones.

  • Do whatever you need to do, but DO NOT vote democrat or republican. Its time to take a stand. This is it now.

  • Playing by the rules means you follow them and never make a change. that’s why they’re called rules and that’s why you don’t play by them if you need change. Ron’s son looks like another mediocre politician just looking to play both sides to get somewhere…Ron is an idealist, but his son doesn’t look like the same. In some ways he may become the ”republican Obama”, compromising the ideals to get to a position to the point he’s just another cog in the machine…

  • No, the president that got rid of slavery didn’t own slaves nor obviously did the republicans of the civil rights era.

  • Yes, BUT the republican president and republicans that were “against” slavery owned slaves so were they really against slavery if they owned slaves?

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  • RONPAUL2012.ᶇET

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    Pledge today!

  • Kristine Frazao flies in the face of my hell bent contempt and distaste for “journalists” and thier shameless dismissal of what could truly be the best thing that ever happened to America. Awards, accolades or sloppy wet kisses… whatever she’s down for I’m there as well.

  • It’s the Constitution stupid!! If you compare Romney vs. Obama there is nothing but rhetoric! That is why Ron Paul has such loyal supporters! And YES I am one of the enlighten few who understands liberal is not libertarian but marxist or socialist!!

  • I alway tell people, that in order to find out what the bloody hell is going on in this country, you have to listen to foreign media sources, it’s really sad!

  • Well based on your reasoning blacks shouldn’t vote for democrats because it was republicans that fought against slavery and mainly republicans who pushed for equal rights during the civil rights movement.

  • plez get a life

  • I don’t hate Obama. I think he is doing a fantastic job as he thinks it needs to be done. No other president has made such a successful power grab. I admire his effectiveness at promoting his doomed and flawed platform.

    I do hate everything he stands for, certainly will vote against him, not by voting for the mormon puppet, by picking the candidate I like best who is still in the race. At this point, it’s Gary Johnson. Get ready…4 more years…