“Ron Paul light” Tribute Video Played at the GOP Convention


  • ron pauls a fuckin g

  • Gary Johnson is a good guy, a good man, but the USA need the King, and for now the King is Mister Ron Paul I believe…USA need both.



  • Ron Paul – Made a difference by making a point!

  • If a King, who is born into power can be corrupted by it, then aren’t politicians who WANT power a hundred times worse?

    And the democratic party of Albania wants to stay in the European Union which is destroying your freedom and your country. Like any politicians, they lie to you for power! If they were truly libertarian they would not want to stay in the European Union.

  • Not letting him speak at the convention, not seating all of his delegates, trying to ignore any mention of him. How can the Republicans be so rude to one of their own who got so many votes? Fuck them; this is why we need a powerful third party.

  • You are fucking stupid as hell sir. Ill informed, and apathetic at that — just one of the regular dumbass masses like the elites think you to be. People who vote for Romney know nothing – not even their own candidate. Paul supporters know Romney better than you do. When this country goes to the fucking shit hole, I’m pointing my finger at you and other useless blind fuckwits who voted for Romney.

  • they wanted him to endorse Romney that was the only way they would let him speak but ron said fuck that. everyone should sub RTNews it is flawless news it makes the mainstream media look horrible

  • How could they play this at the rnc and not ant him to be president!?! I cant watch him without loving him…

  • lol damm typos fema camps

  • fema Mubarak

  • all you guys screaming mitt Romney dont even know he wants to put you in fema camps this shit is crazy. look up the female camps or so called reducation camps this is something all of you need to research like right now

  • Yes i did and that is stupid in my view. You probably drank to much Paul Kool-Aid.
    Prez Romney 2012

    Paul would have gotten hia tail wipped as i have told others.
    You will eventually come around as i have told others.
    This is simple R/R 2012

  • No, lmfao did you read my first sentence?

  • ROMNEYYYYYYYY 2012 are you IN

  • Sorry but you will vote for ROMNEY in the end i like ROn Paul but lets face it he would have gotten his Tail wipped by BHO. MITT is the only one who has a chance at wipping BHO. So you have a decision either a True Principled family patriotic American in MITT or a Monkey like BHO. Just think about it ok because our future is at stake. R/R 2012

  • Could he ever see the suffering of a mentally ill woman (who is in fact my mother) who has been the victim of police brutality yet had been persecuted by our justice system as well as had her elderly parents lose their rights to a elder care management company when her money-hungry sister won power of attorney over them. No one helped her. Ron Paul could have. I wanted my US citizenship revoked over this.

  • Face it Paully ran for prez and got his Tail wippped. ROMNEY won fair and squarely now you Paulistas just love to cause trouble as i have seeen for some time…You will eventually vote for the true American>>ROMNEY not the Kenyan of BHO

  • They made a video of him is that enough to get you Pacifist Paulistas to SHut-Up and support the Next Prez which will be ROMNEY. They made a goood Video of your Guy but it seeeems like your People are never happy…You will eventually seee the light and pulll the lever for R/R 2012