“Ron Paul light” Tribute Video Played at the GOP Convention

  • Rest in Peace Ron Paul. You will be missed.


  • Hmmm. Nothing about the consequences of never-ending, needless wars.

  • Ron Paul can still run as an Independent like ross perot did, main thing is get in those debates with obummer & romney & you can sway the american people to change their mind hopefully, still time.

  • Rand looks like he wears makeup

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul to WIN as Independent, or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options)!

    Ron Paul appeals to all True Americans — the only candidate that bridges the gaps — Liberals, Libertarians, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans and INDEPENDENTS!

    Here is the Math:

    1) Pulls (even with rigged GOP voting machines) 12%+ Republicans
    2) Will garner 10%+ of the Dems vote (the true liberals and the undecided)
    3) 3%+ of the Libertarian Vote
    4) 15%+ of the Independent Vote

    (these are conservative figures)

    The total is — 40% or more for Ron Paul! (Bye, bye Mitt and BO)!

    In a three-way-race — all Ron Paul needs to become the Next President of the USA is 35% (since the BO and the Mitt will be virtually tied (the BO at 33% and the Mitt at 32%))!

    Done deal — now make sure you sign the below petition so Ron Paul RUNS as Independent for the Presidency — or lose our Nation in 2012!


    • Surfisher

      Now that the Republican Establishment has declared themselves to be a vile Dictatorship — no true American can trust them (just like no true American could ever trust the fraudulent Democrooks)!


      Who’ll come up with a great name for the Ron Paul movement — what should we name our NEW Party?

      1) The Liberty Party (sounds too close to the Libertarian party…)
      2) Freedom Party
      3) Post your own choices!


  • Mitt romney sucks pen0r

  • Morgan Walker

    It is the establishment which has heralded the end of the republic. We liberty minded individuals will be responsible for heralding the rebirth of the republic and we will remember everyone who cheated and defrauded their way to power. We are on the verge of another revolution. Mark these words. The old guard is on its way out and is dead.

  • They weren’t trying to steal the election. They just wanted an open and honest debate about policy and philosophy. Of course, this is American politics, where only your religion and catchphrase really matter.

  • Tigger Bear

    If the RNC believes Ron Paul, why have they blocked him at every turn. If they would have backed Ron Paul, he would win the presidency. As it is, we will again have to voting for the least of two evils. Ron Paul may be the last hope of save our this great country that forefather built. I believe it’s time to get rid of the party system, and let the candidates run on their own merit.

  • Why not Gary Johnson?

  • YEAH
    YOU ARE 100% RIGHT !!!

  • Wow ron Paul or no vote from me

  • canada wants Ron Paul!!!!! s

  • I get shivers when I see him walk on stage to those cheers. Truly electrifying!

  • Ron Paul you are a true inspiration. I believe and you and hope that you never give up. You are the reason I am registering to vote.

  • His points were essentially when you live through 2-3 major conflicts in other parts of the world where dictators are invading or threatening to invade other countries, it becomes easier to justify going over their with military force and putting a stop to it.

    On the flip side, in Ron Paul’s Manifesto he says that Hitler could very possibly be linked to blowback from WWI.

    Critical thinking is key in a lot (all?) of this, which is why I would love to focus more on the education issue.

  • ight ma niggaa

  • If I was American I would vote for him, he understands the world and the differentiation in states and the constitution ect. Go Ron Paul!

  • King? i think that’s exactly the opposite of what Ron Paul is all about

  • I would have loved to have heard what you dad said. I just don’t understand. My mother grew up around the same time and she doesn’t question anything. She is so trusting. And, coincedently, I just watch a presentation on generational differences and it specifically talked about older generations not questioning athorities or superiors, very interesting. I’m glad young people are enlightened and question things. That’s the only way this crap is going to change.