“Ron Paul light” Tribute Video Played at the GOP Convention

  • Guys don’t listen to these monkey baboons about stupid ron paul if u cut taxes how r u gonna use the money for roads buildings poor people if u cut taxes and if u don’t print money captain obvious there won’t be any money deedede


  • Bah, don’t settle for the lesser of evils…vote for Gary Johnson. He’s the closest thing we have to Ron Paul without having to compromise our values when we vote…not that it seems to matter to vote anymore after the RNC made it publicly obvious that our votes no longer count.

  • His idiot of a son betrayed his royal excellancy Ron Paul for the enemy romney!

  • Voting doesn’t matter in this country anymore unfortunately, the RNC has made that publicly obvious now.

  • Write in votes are tossed out, it’s a mere formality (although voting itself seems to be an obvious formality as well). If you are going to vote, might as well vote for Gary Johnson, he’s the best alternative we have.

  • “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
    John F. Kennedy

  • “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
    John F. Kennedy

  • and how do you thing, will not voting change anything?

  • Ron Paul’s free Texas Straight Talk line 888-322-1414 (he updates it every Monday) Stay current with Ron Paul!! PEACE!!……..

  • But we need to play a part of the world in world affairs we need to make sure that democracy is defended in the world from those who would take it away. We need to have social programs that work to help the people. We need a regulated economy so that the current capitalist economy doesn’t crash. We need to make sure that people are safe, protected, and informed. These things ate what will lead our country to become great again. Ron Paul would most certainly not make this happen. Inform yourselv

    • PHenry

      Spoken like a true Neocon, thanks for sharing!

  • but dont stop on your right…..
    Ron Paul has been fighting for the truth and liberty for American people for 30 years..dont you want to continuing it…!!

  • Please go to your polling place anyway and DEMAND a PAPER BALLOT. We need to wake people up, PLEASE do not quit!! If our nation falls, no one will be safe anywhere, ever.

  • He retired as congressman, not dead!

  • Goethe once said: if you trick an eagle into thinking it’s a chicken from birth,you don’t have to worry about it escaping or rebelling against you,and most importantly it’s going to think it has full freedom to walk,not realizing it also has freedom to fly.
    This is where we’re at the banks took control of the government,presidents are just puppets,masks,that hide the true manipulators of the economy and society;and we’re too stupid to realize,and those who do are mocked as conspiracy theorists.

  • Ha! Ha! They thought enough to change the rules though…

  • FL

    The republicans should have let Dr. Paul speak live, and then had Clint Eastwood as a pre-packaged tape!

  • I know he got robbed in Maine. politics are rigged .its faker than wrestling

  • Obama said that republicans would pick someone that would follow their agenda and he was right they picked Romney and they GOP will regret it when we have more debt and more wars every one vote for Ron Paul just write in Ron Paul who gives a fuck if he isnt on the ballot he deserves to be president because he has said the same thing for over 20 years and he has always stood by the constitution thank you Ron Paul

  • so bascially….”Ron Paul is the best choice” but dont vote for him.

  • Our lawsuit against the RNC:

    Filed by every freedom loving member of the GOP in America. Next to come