Ron Paul: Why I’m NOT Endorsing Romney-Ryan

  • If I was an American and registered to vote, for the primaries I would have registered Republican and supported Ron Paul.
    After the convention though, with the eventual nomination of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, I certainly would never had chosen the Republican ticket.
    Probably I would have gone for Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket, or Rocky Anderson.


  • I supported Paul, but in the end I voted for Obama. Like he said his supporters are independent and in my opinion Obama was the lesser of two evils.

  • is this gold you speak of in your pocket? if not you won’t ever see it.

  • have you even heard or read anything about this man? you are very naive if you think obama is the answer to our problems..

  • Racist how?

  • Idk how anyone can call Ron Paul racist…I’m half black and I’ve never been offended by anything he’s said. Ron Paul is one of the very few people I can respect nowadays because he is for upholding the truth and not sugar coating things or blatantly lying. If you even knew anything about our government and how its truly being run you would be kicking yourself in the ass for voting Obama into a second term. I’d say the same thing about Romney supporters.

  • Thanks for Obama’s second term Ron Paul. You old racist fuck.

  • Thanks for Obama’s second term Ron Paul. You old racist fuck.

  • Thanks for Obama’s second term Ron Paul. You old racist fuck.

  • Both parties are practically the same!! Don’t let the government pit us against each other, when they are the problem. You can share what you know with each other without being condescending!! The only solution for America is limited government and the only way to achieve that is if Americans are willing to stand up for their rights. We can’t be afraid.

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