Ron Paul: Why I’m NOT Endorsing Romney-Ryan

  • Gary Johnson is a fake Libertarian, who supports ‘humanitarian’ wars.

  • This is the coverage that was due to Doctor Paul many months ago. So now that Romney has the GOP nomination you ask the good questions?

  • America we have to wake the hell up and realize that Ron Paul is the only real candidate for the Presidency.

  • I just makes me sick to my stomach seeing how the RNC treated Dr. Paul. They lied, cheated, committed voter fraud, delegate fraud, changed their own convention rules on the fly,did whatever they could to shut him up. I will never again listen to anything PUBES or Dems say. I am done with these criminals. The District of Criminals is taking America down fast and very few seem to care or even notice. All we are left with is 2 criminals with their criminal cronies to vote for Sad day for America.

  • R =igged
    N = ational
    C = CONvention

    The Rigged one party systems is bent on Obamas re SELECTION !!!
    A vote for Obamney is two votes for OBAMA
    Take a closer look –old conditioned fear mongering war monger AmeriCon gullible supporters.
    .The present may be the GOP’s criminal organization but the future is not !!!!!!!!!!!

  • He needs to run as an Independant

  • Politics, the entertainment division of industry

  • Rand Paul is not Ron Paul.


  • : )

  • Why? Just why? lol

  • The MegaMafiosoArchratic International Banksters will never allow the USA to again print it’s own money, have total transparent FED accounting and, accountability,…UNLESS enough of this mixed bag of investors some, half way legit others crooked,–ie dope money launderers,–,,UNLESS they start to see that destroying the US currency,- on the premise this allegation of intent is true that some say,- will also hurt their own profits as less Americans have MPC to buy their products in cycle. imo

  • Gotta love Ron Paul 🙂

  • Did you hear that prediction??? “We are going to get into a MUCH BIGGER problem than in ’08”. Without Ron Paul, brace your wallet for a recession do deep, you wont even NEED to dig your grave. All you may want to do is pull the dirt back on top and end the pain!

  • Read Ryan’s the Path to Prosperity. Then read one of Obama’s budget bills.

    Not a single Obama budget has received a vote–not to mention being passed.

    Ryan gets us started with reforming medicare and tackling the debt. No doubt more needs doing.

  • I bet if Rand Paul hadn’t gotten elected to the Senate, Ron Paul would be thinking/saying “Screw this Party. We need to get rid of it. I have spent over 20 years in this Party trying to build up a consistent message and all I get is a stupid video!”

  • got that right. lol

  • How sad is it that most people in the U.S. shut him out and do not even listen to what he has to say? Open your eyes, ears and last but not least your minds! I love that he spoke at his rally and did not mention Romney or Obama for over an hour. All the others do is bash each other. Ron Paul at least has great ideals so he does not have to resort to that type of campaigning.

  • Run third party or join Garry Johnson if he offers!