Ron Paul: Why I’m NOT Endorsing Romney-Ryan

  • Rand Paul is NOTHING like Ron Paul. He’s another bought out corporatist like Romney and the other crooks.

    I’m kind of ashamed in Ron Paul for failing with having his son follow his footsteps.

  • Ron and Denis Kusinich, are the only true constitutionalists left,… that im aware of. Anyone have a name to add? Im on the fence for Rand… 🙂

  • You are a stupid person, with age either comes wisdom or madness RON PAUL IS On to it!, the lucid PAUL Intelectual power to new ideas and truth! is what Ron Paul Brings.

  • How can you say that the republican party is the leader of the liberty movement after what they did to Ron Paul and his supporters? The GOP could not care less about your privacy and liberty


  • This guy is definitely getting a thrill up his leg.

  • any of u ppl commenting here would do a better job as president than any of the candidates… pls become president…. dont’ care if u are the dumbest person on youtube. the country would probly still fix itself… or u’d get assassinated mabe lol

  • ron paul is 77 yrs old. why the fuck do we need any of these old senile douchebags in the white house… they are all fucked and old farts that only care about money… fuck them all every last political candidate is an old senile moron

    • american#1y

      Your mental capacity is like that of a Nat, compared to the great thinker Ron Paul!


  • Ron Paul SHOULD NOT endorse Romney because of the way the RNC treated Paul delegates at the recent convention. Paul supporters played by the rules & secured enough delegates from 5 States, thus Paul should have been on the ballot. Romney still would have secured the nomination but the RNC circumvented the democractic process by changing the rules.
    If Paul supporters abstain or vote for Johnson, & the GOP lose in November, it will be message to the RNC to not mess with grass root supporters.

  • Please…Ron Paul is no TJ.

  • It’s a hard choice whether or not to support Romney. If Ron did, he would disappoint a lot of people. But, at the same time, Romney is part of the Republican Party. The Republican Party is the future of the liberty movement. The Republican Party needs to win regardless of the current GOP. We need to start voting Republican for the future. Ron Paul Republicans are infiltrating the Republican Party as we speak.

  • If Thomas Jefferson lived today, he would face the same media black-outs as Ron Paul and be labeled a radical…

  • Sign the pledge ronpaul2012dotnet

  • All of the Gary Johnson supporters are using all of the Ron Paul supporters as guinea pigs!: watch?v=0Y1egV2Q2FE

  • > stop Iran from making a nuclear bomb

    Iran is not now trying to make a bomb according to the US intelligence services. But this puts the kibosh on a war so the pro-Israel crowd need to lie.

    The lie is this: Iran is developing the “capability” of nuclear weapons. As in the knowledge of how to make them.

    Every graduate student in nuclear engineering has the “capability” to make a nuclear weapon. Asking a nation to not have this capability is like asking them to not use calculus.

  • > How does supporting Israel … make the US a bully?

    Because Israel is a bully who uses the US as its international muscle.

    Israel is running an apartheid state where Palestinians (by ethnicity) are second rate citizens. It is illegally occupying Palestinian (by statehood) land. It is a theocracy. Jews are first class citizens and all others can suck it.

    > sounds like you hate the US

    I love the historical US. What we have become is an abomination. Blowhard dipshit bullies.

    • Sammy

      The Paulestinans are second rate citizens. They are scumbags and should be shot on site.

  • He passed the Audit the Fed Bill. We found out they gave to the banks 16 trillion from 2007 till today. You got to thank Ron Paul for the uncover of that fraud.

  • He is an abortion doctor too.

  • I am pretty sure that Ron Paul is a transvestite.

  • Im not a fan of the GOP, I pay attention to politics and I must say for Ron Paul to have a fan following the GOP/tea party should have at least let him do a speech. What hurts him among the GOP he does not support isreal in foreign aid thats not me thats the politics of our day you have to support isreal or your not a christian. Perhaps the Republican party believes Ron Paul is not a christian. he should become independent.