Ron Paul: Why I’m NOT Endorsing Romney-Ryan

  • Really? hmmm wait. You are a guy, well male anyway; and last I checked, you have to be a FEMALE to be in the eastern star. So how do you know FOR A FACT that she is in the Eastern Star? I mean, I don’t think they have a roster, or a PTA telephone type directory, so tell me sir, unless you know someone PERSONALLY in the Eastern Star, you in FACT, don’t know and are a liar and a hypocrite.

  • the revolution continues… hit the streets.

  • He cant tell another grown man what to do, even if it is his son. Its a principal of his as many of us know.

  • Probably the most honest politician, not only in the states but in the world…if it was up to me I would make Dr. Paul the president of the world!

  • Absolutely adore this man!

  • DrRocker

    President Obama has won re-election. We all know it. We can pretend that a close race is at hand but the electoral college numbers do not support it. Face it, no one likes Romney. He is a dog abuser for goodness sake. He is one of the cronies that started the economic debacle. Wake up and smell the coffee. The Fat Lady is singing. The GOP is toast. Put a fork in ’em. It is smelling ripe. Did I hear the last gasp?

    • Sammy

      The last gasp you heard was your final breath before sticking your head up your ass.

  • DrRocker

    Sammy you should learn to spell. Ron Paul may save you yet!


    • Sammy

      DrRocker – You should learn surgery skills so that you can remove your head out of your ass.

  • Sammy

    What a bunch of Dopes. You clowns think by writing Ron Paul on your ballet will do anything? LOL You fools are just as stupid as your leader, Paul. If you want hope and change, vote for the idiot you voted for last time. L O O S E R S!

  • As a Ron Paul supporter I will not vote for Romney-Ryan. Not only that but for the way the GOP treated me and my candidate and they way they cheated, lied and used all sorts of violence, and corruption I am immediately changing my voter registration from Republican to either Independant or Libertarian. Possibly Constitution if my state allows it.

  • Everyone who would of voted for Ron Paul must vote for Gary Johnson in the fall election. He will be on all ballots in all 50 states! Gary Johnson 2012

  • no their not.

  • Dude…wake up. Rand Paul ENDORSED Romney even when his father encouraged him not to. He OBVIOUSLY cares more politics than the country, as he knows the only way to attract the base is to pander to them. That’s the ONLY reason he endorsed Romney.

    Honestly, it’s not really impressive that he supported Ron Paul during the primaries. He kinda HAD to, because Ron was his dad. Otherwise, it would of been REALLY awkward if he didn’t.

  • pfft it’s not a conspiracy that his wife is a freemason eastern star member… it’s 100 percent fact you retard


  • Rand Paul is no Ron Paul but then it again comes down to everyone being an INDIVIDUAL & having their own ways to do things but calling Rand a “corporatist” is laughable. You can’t mould people to fit your needs, there will be differences of opinion about how things are to be accomplished & although I don’t favor Rand as much as Ron, I still KNOW that Rand is genuine in his heart, even though his ways mightn’t be pleasant to us!

  • Yes, everything & everyone is a conspiracy! *facepalm*
    You can keep chewing on your conspiracy theories but you know what it’s IRRELEVANT whether he’s a “pawn” or not because everything he has talked about for DECADES – individual freedom, people having rights to their life, liberty & property, small government, etc – all of that is worth fighting for! And if you can’t see that much then I feel sorry for you!

  • lol did u know his wife is a member of the eastern star, the freemasonic lodge for women… true fact bud, he’s a pawn in the game of chess… they are just messin with u guys with all this ron paul stuff. look into it if u care

  • I see a man talking and a circus happening in the background.

  • I hope that the Republican party continues to move more and more back towards conservatism based in Rule of Law and I hope that they closely follow The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the wisdom of some of our Founding Fathers and early presidents. Namely, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Madison, Jackson, Jay, Adams, among others. That would be great!

  • Denis Kusinich is a card carrying COMMUNIST!!!! That SHOULD NEVER be put in the same sentence as RON PAUL!!!