Ron Paul: Why I’m NOT Endorsing Romney-Ryan

  • Defence cuts “draconian”? Do people not even know the meaning of words anymore?

  • nobody wants romney or obama in office.

  • I know a freemason so,yeah


  • You would wait that long?

  • If Ron Paul creates another country, I would move there next morning.

  • Enlightened

    You Fools. Don’t you realize that you are giving the election to the Republicans if you write in this foolish old has been? He hasn’t got a chance and he will only take votes away from our president. President Obama is in a very tight race and he needs every vote he can get. Why are you idiots insisting that this old fool run as an independant? I have tried to make you people see that President Obama is the only Hope we have and yet, you don’t understand. Please, please, please,—wake up before it is too late. Romney is laughing at you and you will all be very, very sorry if he is elected…..

    • Robertttttttttt

      another brainwashed demacunt. obama is a worthless sack of shit

      • Enlightened

        How dare you to call our President names like that. You have no idea, how much work he has done for all of us. Yes, even those of you that are racists. He is above all of that kind of talk. You are sick in the mind and need professional help. I hope that the time will come to pass when people like you will have to answer for your vulger words. You shouldn’t be allowed to vote. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t be allowed to spew your poison on this site.

  • Sonny

    RON Paul for Ferry of the Year!

  • I would love to vote for Mitt Romney. The question is, Would Mitt Romney love for me to vote for him? So far, I’m not convinced he would.

  • wikipedia search Adam Weishaupt. he founded the bavarian order of the illuminati in 1776. you aren’t very knowledgeable at all. next troll pls

  • its so freaky how you here some one speaking to a crowd, it sounds like what all animals do, just follow until some one steps up or challenges the pack leader or leader of the tribe. human nature is funny. (:

  • Where is this illuminati video you speak of? Where is your proof about it all being KKK videos and people gripping too fast? You sound just as lost as the “conspiracy” crowd.

  • Where is this illuminati video you speak of? Where is your proof about it all being KKK videos and people gripping too fast? You sound just as lost as the “conspiracy” crowd.

  • It says alot that the republicans would rather risk losing with Romney than risk winning with Ron Paul.

  • Why won’t Ron Paul endorse Gary Johnson? The only answer that makes sense to me is he’s more concerned with the future of Rand’s political career. If so, that’s pretty sad. I know some of Ron Paul’s supporters still support Rand, but I’ll never vote for him for anything. And aside from primaries, I’ll never vote for a Republican again. What a joke.

  • The future of the libertarian movement exists in the disassembling of the two-party system. The republican party has a vested interest in the status quo; there exists no window of opportunity for a revolution within modern republican philosophy.

  • i have friends that are freemasons, your point is invalid.

    • Enlightened

      Do your friends do stonework? I am really in need of a stone mason and I can’t believe what they charge. I would really love to meet your friends if they do the work for free. Can you give me their contact numbers so that I can set up a time when they can come and look at my fireplace? Thank you so much.

  • Did you know Illuminati is a fake Youtube video to make stoners and idiots believe they should not make a difference and cannot make a difference? It’s a compilation of KKK videos and people gripping too early on their handshakes, it’s fucking retarded that anyone can believe in “freemasons.”

  • not so much can’t but WON’T

  • lol…yeah but we both know he wouldn’t do that…

  • So what? Why is it such a big deal that she may be part of the Eastern Star? Do you know what the Eatern Star is or what they do? Have you spoken with anyone from the ES? Have you verified it with HER or are you just building upon hate mongering, “I’m-not-allowed-in-the-club” type bullying.