Ron Paul: Why I’m NOT Endorsing Romney-Ryan

  • all the people who said he is a good guy, but “he cant win” were right. I am about 99% convinced after watching the primaries, it doesn’t matter who we vote for since the election is riddled with fraud. The powers that be choose the president and always have. If he isnt a good little puppet they will kill him and blame it on the 2nd amendment or terrorists.

  • We already are! they Fucking Elected Mitt Wrongney for the Republican Nomination! fuckin’ Idiots!!!

  • I don’t care if the RNC screwed him over, I will never vote for anyone than Ron Paul. I won’t vote for anyone else, this country is in deep mess of trouble to vote for the insanity. I’m mad as HELL and I won’t take this ANYMORE!

    Ron Paul 2012 regardless!


  • ron paul is such an incredibly humble man. here the interview makes the completely legitimate comment that paul is a “national figure”, and what does ron reply? “that’s because you put me on your show.”

    RON PAUL 2012

  • What would probably be the smartest thing for us to do is to leave this God forsaken country and pledge our allegence to one that is less corrupt like North Korea or Dufar.

  • /watch?v=zZdBuOb4CFg

  • Ron Paul is the man it just sucks this country is going down or else he would mos def be president

  • Good then, they need to FUCKING LEAVE the Republican Party alone and stop running interference to put Obama in and to get him reelected.

  • Obviously. Only a fool would say otherwise.

  • Awesome interview. This reminds me why I’ve gone through the trouble of alienating all my facebook friends by posting “too much political stuff”. What an amazing man! He turned my lightbulb on and I’m forever grateful.

  • No fucking way ill vote for Obama of Romney!

  • typo: have got, not has…!

  • I wonder where Halliburton has got their sub-contracts for Breakfast; I mean, will it be real fresh ground Columbian coffee they serve or pitiful Nescafe powered coffee?: /
    How can one play Xbox and slay Zombies on screen, if we are not first awake? : )
    Popular Mechanics has a special on it: FEMA camp conspiracy debunked and, radio show special but, they don’t answer either of our questions.
    I saw a AGA (gas company, in EU, btw,) shiny tank in a photo: for shower water heater or *other* gas?

  • Ron Paul should run as independent, win , bring the military people home and give them order to arrest everybody who is against freedom !

  • Rand Paul killed his dads run, Hes got along way to go to get me back on his side.

  • I love this man. Does that make me gay? Well paint me with a rainbow.

  • Not every person we support has to be exactly like Ron Paul.

    Rand is his own unique character, and he has the greatest potential of any liberty candidate to be elected President in 2016. We should be doing everything possible to support Rand.

  • RP is such a class act.


  • that’s right. they’re individuals. who do what they want to do. he’s an intellectual. SO HE HAS A RIGHT TO THINK. High 5 RON PAUL!!!