Ron Paul: Why I’m NOT Endorsing Romney-Ryan

  • The false choice this election frustrates me as well. The only thing I see Republicans and Democrats fighting over is power, neither side has any real moral fiber left (assuming at one point they had some, though that hasn’t been the case in my lifetime). They either want to spend your money on welfare programs or on dropping bombs on and sending our troops into various countries; regardless which they shift more money to, we’re running out of time to even have a shot at fixing the problem.

  • Yeah I know how to search… I type in the BS you spew and all that comes up is the typical BS made by 12 year old kiddies and people who buy into the huckster Alex Jones.

    So let me get this straight, you believe freemasons do not exist?


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  • You’re joking right? are you like 12 or something?

  • USA is starting a new world order and I am glad to be on American side. We will get are way that’s why we spend 700 billion a year on are military

  • You don’t HAVE to vote for Romney. Gary Johnson is running as the libertarian candidate and is on all 50 ballots. His policies and platform were inspired by Ron Paul. If you want real change you might want to consider Gary Johnson.

  • Ron Paul isn’t on the ballot. Gary Johnson is. Check him out. You can do the “Kevin Bacon” thing from Romney to the FED via wallstreet. We have a wallstreet weasel as the nominee rather than a real choice.

  • I’ve voted republican all my life and I support Ron Paul’s ideas and philosophy of liberty and sound money. Unfortunately he’s not on any ballot, and Texas doesn’t count write ins. On the other hand Gary Johnson is on all 50 ballots, and most of his platform and policies are inspired by Ron Paul. I’ve decided to vote for Gary Johnson. Hopefully he’ll have enough support to win.

  • If you care, you can find all you need to know with google. If you never want a real choice, keep accepting the bad choice.

  • The Federal Reserve is draining the wealth of the American people. Ron Paul is the man to end this madness

  • Mitt Romney: “It’d be helpful to be Latino.”


  • So you can’t even put what to search in “quotes ” to find the video you speak of?

  • Who is Gary Johnson? Haven’t seen anything of him in my state. I guess that means nobody else around here knows him either. Unless you are positive that he can get 30 million votes then again, another wasted vote. Voting your principles might be noble but by the numbers it is foolish. If you want 4 more years of Obama then vote your conscience instead of intellect. No independent, libertarian or otherwise has never won a presidential election and sadly, probably never will.

  • Gary Johnson is on the ballot. If you really care about the future of the nation, you have a person to vote for. A vote for Johnson is not wasted.

  • The ideal case would be for Johnson to win. The worst case is for Romney to win. Given the massive pile, Romney seems to have just stepped in, it is looking like it is safe to assume he will lose. This means that votes for Gary Johnson no longer run the risk of letting Romney win. Romney appears to currently preparing excuses to explain away his losses. To me more exact, the party bosses who control Romney appear to be putting stuff in his speeches to prepare the ground work for the excuse

  • I am as much a Ron Paul supporter as any other patriot but a write in vote for him is one less vote to get Obama out of the White House. Sadly I have to vote Romney to ensure my vote counts for something more important than my personal principles. It’s sad to not be able to vote for my candidate but my candidate is not running so my vote is for no more Obama at any cost and that should be the vote of every patriot. If RP comes out at the midnight hour with a running mate that can win…………

  • bla bla bla bla , u dont’ know shit buddy, the group is the saturnalian pheonician cult, i’m not explaining anymore to tards on ron paul youtube lol

  • Wow you’re cool I know Jesus, Jim Morrison, and Elvis though so freemasons ain’t shit

  • It’s a different group than the conspiracy today. Have you read ALL of it or are you dyslexic or something? and a heads up anyone can post anything on Wikipedia 😉

  • Um search it, it’s on youtube it’s hilarious