Ron Paul: Why I’m NOT Endorsing Romney-Ryan

  • Who said anything about Illuminati? You don’t seem to be a very intelligent person, because you are in left field talking about Santa and the Illuminati, when I am asking for this KKK handshake video, and if you think Freemasons exist, after you said they didn’t.


  • No I do not believe in Santa, I’m grown up. If you take into consideration social norms and the upper social class you might think the top richest people have a cult or something, and yes they definitely scratch each other’s back to fuck up the economy for example. But there is definitely no Illuminati today, maybe 60s and 70s, not today though. It’s not about “believing” like “believing” a conspiracy for example, I just know it doesn’t exist.

  • you must not be 12 I’m sorry you have the same superstitious beliefs as one

  • Please America, vote the man in

  • As I meant, Ron Paul needs only 200 signatures to put him on the electoral college ballot. However, numerous write-in states (all but 3, no prior conditions needed, I think) only allow “registered” write-in candidates to be allowed on the public ballot along-side Romney & Obama for the electoral college to vote for.
    *One million signatures (sided w/ one million videos as evidence) is enough to recognize Paul as an official candidate for the electoral college.

  • Too large to hide? The media can cover anything. That won’t stop me from voting for him, but I’d like for you to tell me just how that would be impossible to hide.

  • 22of Romney’s children disliked this.

  • How could a vote for Ron Paul be a wasted when the other candidates support the same things?

  • It wont be a waste of paper, it’s done digitally now, so the machine can decide who you’re voting for.

  • Voting is what America is about. You vote for who you want/ we are a Democratic Republic. I dont belive the” if you dont vote for Romney you are voting for Obama” thing and viceversa. In America if you vote for a person you are vvoting for who you want, not someone else

  • You are a dumb idiot..them you are allowing Obammmer and his retarted family in through the Backdoor. Hussein Obammmer is a joke just like his disgusting family.

  • still writing him on the ballot. otherwise that vote is a waste of paper.

  • ron paul dead 2012!!!!

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  • Yes. We need September & October to get people to decide on RON PAUL as a WRITE-IN candidate vote.
    The electoral college is a state representative voting system – the candidate who wins the most representation by the people, wins the most (or all) of of the state’s electoral votes.
    *Write-Ins are optional, however ONLY 42 STATES ALLOW write-in votes BY REQUEST!
    Hence, if “RON PAUL” received the most representation in the November election in those states, he wins their state’s electoral votes.

  • Please people, copy and paste this person’s comments on every ron paul video you see and we might just have a chance…if he doesnt win,im moving to canada for SURE!!

  • So… I guess Ron Paul still does have a chance to win??

  • Romney wants to throw more money down the rat hole of a bloated military. Obama may be a million miles from Ron Paul but Romney in this is a million and three. It also was this same bunch of clowns who under the W admin did all that fancy accounting of keeping the wars off the budget to hide how much was being wasted. People need to know the honest numbers. Hiding the truth shows that they know it is wrong to do what they did.

  • Gary Johnson is on the ballot. Check out his positions and you will find a good match with Ron Paul’s. Unlike Paul, he is not part of a party that is being actively pulled the other direction by the party bosses. Ron Paul is not merely being dised by the bosses. The stench from Romney is getting all over the down ticket candidates. Many of the big money people are now pulling money out of their efforts to inflict Romney on us and desperately trying to save the down ticket races. I