Ron Paul: Why I’m NOT Endorsing Romney-Ryan

  • Ronny is a Pothead who needs to get of his Pipe and see what lies ahead. If BHO gets a second term Ronny will get the blame for not being a team player..I just get tired of listening to you Paulistas talking so much trash.

  • Romney is a cock sucker, sir

  • Mr Paul keeps running and running thinking that he will make a difference when all he is doing is dividing the GOP. Mr. Paul should just get on the Romney Express or be left behind.

  • please expand

  • No vote is wasted except those who cast ballots to further enslave themselves and undermine our republic. Write in Paul, vote Johnson, or Mickey Mouse for that matter, just don’t vote for Obama or Romney. We will never have a peaceful change of policy as long as we vote for one end of the snake or the other.

  • Ron Paul is a loooser who can go shove it.
    ROMNEY/RYAN 2012


  • Kid, your whole argument has been that freemasons dont exist and now you say they do. I agree, your illiteracy problem is the least of your worries.

  • Well, the U.S. fucked over Ron Paul’s chances of being the 2012 President – what can we do:
    VOTE GARY JOHNSON! He’s registered in almost every state!
    Johnson agrees w/ most of Dr. Paul’s platform:
    *Leave abortion to the state level
    *Auditing & abolishing the Federal Reserve – stop nation building
    *Leave drugs to the states
    *Eliminate Income Tax
    *Promote Fair competition; NO BAILOUTS
    Difference -> Foreign aid toward countries to stop any GENOCIDE present
    Check it -> Gary Johnson vs Ron Paul

  • Like I mentioned anyone can put anything on wikipedia, idk what you’re talking about literacy for it haz nuthin to do wit diz. You’re just a lil wierd because the grandmasters are in Europe and not really the same freemasons that existed a long time ago

  • wiki is an acceptable source for general diction you illiterate moron. I was simply trying to help you learn the meaning of the words you use. Try taking some basic level courses in english.

  • The way to start that, and the only thing each individual has to do is to act on their own beliefs without regards to the odds themselves.

  • I agree – Strategically it’s better to vote Gary Johnson (though I’m not American so I can’t): a better chance of affecting the vote but less of a benefit to succeding – It’s just that I see it as one step towards deciding between the two main parties (a much better chance of affecting the vote for much, much less of a benefit to succeding).

    I just wish that everyone in the world would act based ONLY on their beliefs without being deterred by the odds – then the odds wouldn’t be so slim.

  • The chances I admit are dim since realistically most of the write-in states have established “priors” before write-ins are considered, whereas there are literally 3 pure (no prior) write-in states in the U.S.
    The more strategic vote would be to go for Gary Johnson – he’s registered as a 3rd party candidate in every state (legally bound) and he agrees roughly w/ all of Dr. Paul’s platform. The difference resides in leaving some troops in only 2-3 foreign lands while the rest can come home.

  • Yea… use Wikipedia as a source (FAIL) not much more to type for you…

  • A long time ago they existed 😉

  • Yea either way Obummer is going to win and we are going into WW3…

  • you can write him in, the ballot doesnt mean shit

  • you, child, are a fool. You win an award because its not often i say that. But to use words so completely out of context. Let me help you: Superstition is a belief that one event leads to the cause of another without any physical process linking the two events. That i can walk out of my front door, look left, and see a masonic temple is whats called a fact. Fact: The test for a statement of fact is verifiability, shown to correspond to experience via proof. (source. wikkipedia. paraphrased)

  • It’s this unwillingness to compromise you show with the write-in suggestion that is the quality that impresses me the most with Ron Paul – determined to try to do things the right way instead of compromising.

    The “don’t waste your vote – choose A or B” idea is idealistically no different from the middle of the road pandering that every other politician in the world does – compromise some values for power, then a little more etc.

    I hope Ron Paul inspires a generation to stick to their beliefs.

  • i never thought I would admire someone in politics…I admire Ron Paul..