Ron Paul: Why I’m NOT Endorsing Romney-Ryan

  • I really hope people do that, write Ron Paul in and vote. What are they going to do, even if he doesn’t win it’ll be a slap in the face to Mitt Romney that primary ballots stealing pretender. I am not an American but I’m pretty sure the entire world is with you on wanting Ron Paul to be president, if we could vote also it’d be no contest.

  • I LOV3 THIS MAN!!!

  • Sadly, I know that – LA doesn’t even allow write-ins, so here’s plan B:
    The U.S. fucked over Ron Paul’s chances of being the 2012 President – what can we do:
    Johnson agrees w/ most of Dr. Paul’s platform:
    *Leave abortion to the state level
    *Auditing, eventually abolishing, the Federal Reserve
    *Eliminate Income Tax
    *Promote Fair competition; NO BAILOUTS
    Difference -> Foreign aid available to countries w/ GENOCIDE present
    Check it -> Gary Johnson vs Ron Paul


  • What 3 States was he taken off of? I am aware of Oklahoma, but I wasn’t of any others. When did he say he would ditch Jim Gray, who said was his VP running mate?

  • Because he is on the ballot in 47 states under the libertarian party and announced if he wins the election then Ron Paul would be his #1 pick for vp.

  • There are more than 2 choices. Take a look at your districts ballot. In my State there are 5 candidates listed on the presidential ballot. I am voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson. He’s probably on your ballot as well.

  • That 200 signature rule may apply to your State, but it doesn’t apply to mine. Each State has its own rules. Mine requires the candidate himself to file certain paperwork – just as many other states require the same. Paul has not done this, so he will not be an option in those states.

  • Why do you say 47 States? Why are you saying Paul is his running mate?

  • LMAO: Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is scheduled to campaign Tuesday in Ohio with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan

  • Neil Cavuto you’re the only man in “stinky-smelly” – FOX

  • Vote for Gary Johnson, he will be on the ballot in 47 states, with Paul as his running mate. He is a libertarian with 100% of the same ideals and opinions as Ron Paul.

  • I think it’s way diff this time because last time at least people actually wanted their parties candidates to win. Obama, and well Palin, were very popular and you’d see of bumper stickers on almost every car or lawn. People weren’t so undecided and unexcited. Hopefully it’s a sign that people are at least a little less naive now.

    The ideas Republicanism and Democraticism is a curtain to what really American Law is and who really runs the United States.
    Corporations such as Apple, Exxon, Google, Meryll Lynch, AT&T fund these two major parties and whichever can bring the interests of most corporations wins. Fact of the matter is the Washington simply does not give a fuck and as long as they deluding people to do the things THEY want, the world will keep turning.

  • i felt that way in 2008. same shit different election

  • This “Yank” gets it.

  • I bet they miss Hittler now more than ever, lol.

  • When will you yanks understand that Israel chooses your president, not the people! Zionism has fucked you up and it will fuck Europe up soon. They are a disease.

  • There’s clearly something wrong with our political system since we’re only expected to choose between only 2 people that hardly anyone likes, and some people that we did like have “dropped out of the race”. I’ve never seen an election like this where no one is really excited to vote because they know that both choices suck.

  • Ron Paul,you are the TRUE President of the United States of America!

  • you = Sheep

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