Ron Paul: Why I’m NOT Endorsing Romney-Ryan

  • Exactly; well written sir/ma’am.

  • yeap, I’d vote for them as a third party ticket. And probly will write him in.

  • yeap, I’d vote for them as a third party ticket. And probly will write him in.

  • Gary Johnson for Vice President then, I guess?



  • 0:32 Hi Hitler?

  • That’s a very risky move to take. Voting for Gary Johnson is a safer and more logical option. Do whatever you feel because that is your right, but what you said is incorrect, and hopefully those reading this will further delve into research.

  • Is that true? 1 mil is all? Wow, sir you have my attention. Can someone verify this?

  • Write in Ron Paul.

  • Exactly, because Ron Paul endorsing Mitt Romney would go against everything he believes in and would be a spit in the face to all that he preached the last few decades.

  • Why should Ron Paul support a party that believes a big government, deficit spending, and stripping the people of their civil liberties?

  • The irony is that they (the GOP) think it is a personality contest. If Paul endorsed Romney, Paul would lose his supporters, Romney would gain nothing. Paul supporters support him on his issues, not because he is charismatic.

  • As a liberal I agree. The old GOP Establishment, the Romneys of the world and Ryans of the world is what screwed over Ron Paul, Ron Paul tried to give the Republican party life , someone who is not a Corporate stooge.

    And now Republicans try to guilt trip Libertarians that “Hey, even though we screwed your guy over, still vote for us”

  • I’m not necessarily a Paulite, but after the way the establishment snubbed him, disqualified his delegates, refused his legitimate appeal for nomination, and treated him like dirt all around, I’d say that the video was a pretty shallow showing of token politeness. But, respectable people can disagree. I’m for Johnson/Gray 2012.

  • You have to be loyal to your Party in order to change the country and Mr.Paul is not that type of person…Plus they made a video about him ain’t that enough to please the freaking Paulistas
    R/R 2012-2020

  • What is more important: loyalty to party, or loyalty to your country and your beliefs?

  • Ron Paul will never be my Prez because he is not a true Party player he just cares about himself not about ROMNEY/GOP.
    ROMNEY 2012-2020

  • My country though Australia has signed all five international treaties that make up the the International Bill of Human Rights, none of these treaties are legally binding in Australia. Nor is there a Bill of Rights in the Australian Constitution. This means that the fundamental rights and freedoms of everyone living in Australia are not protected by the law. And our country was also disarmed long ago.

  • Selling your integrity by not rocking the boat so as not to make enemies seems like a pretty pathetic way of doing things. No Ron Paul’s got the right idea. The founding fathers believed the people had the right but also the duty to make Government answer for its actions. Not sit quietly and do fuck all whilst corruption dismantles the country they built. Making waves may piss people off but Americans for too long have let Government strip away both liberty and right one after another.

  • I know, worse we’ll all be going ‘fuck you republicans who voted for Mitt Romney’ but the people will still be like ‘ugh its all that parties fault’ while the entire time its both of them, Democrats or Republicans makes no difference, they both were bought by the machine long ago.