Ron Paul: Why I’m NOT Endorsing Romney-Ryan

  • Whoever end up being the President, would be well advised to seek Ron Paul out for restructuring policy.

    I hope that either person (Obama or Romney), see the wisdom that Ron Paul offers.

    To this point, Obama hasn’t appeared to be very receptive to Ron Paul’s ideas. Hopefully that would change considering all that is at stake (That is if Obama ends up being President).

  • Ron Paul, classy as always. Too bad he’s not going to be president.


  • Why?

  • Someone brought up an AMAZING point to me about voting Gary Johnson if you’re a Ron Paul supporter!!! If Gary Johnson gets at least 5% of the votes than the government has to start seriously FUNDING the Libertarian party! A vote for Gary Johnson is 100% a vote for Ron Paul(especially when Gary Johnson has already claimed he would GLADLY have Ron Paul as his VP)

  • Starting to like Ron Paul over both of the candidates.

  • Wait, whoa, whoa, whao, didnt this mother fucker cut to commercial break while ron paul was debating with this fat ass pig. how dare he interview this poltical genius, the savior of america. This video makes me so fucking mad. >:O

  • Now let’s just hope he doesn’t vote for Mitt Romney either!

  • Great!
    Paul’s not voting for NObama…
    “…not likely,” he said.

  • NO!!!

  • NOT!!!

  • someone needs to create a national website and put ron paul and mitt romney and barrack obama on a virtual ballot and on voting day spread the news like wild fire on twitter, facebook and every voting stand across the country. Use the power of publicity to get people to vote online after the vote at the booths. Then when the votes are counted we can see for sure who actually one instead of relying on the possible voting scam that could arise from a virtual voting system!!!!

  • Larry Bizianes

    Vanilla or Peach? Hmm…I want Chocolate Mint. Vanilla or Peach? I WANT CHOCOLATE MINT! Vanilla or Peach? CHOCOLATE MINT!! No ice cream.

  • Man, I love Ron Paul. So smart and honest.

  • Ron Paul endorsing Mitt Romney would be about the same as him endorsing Obama.

  • 24 people are NWO muppets.

  • I love this man. Write his name in America! WRITE HIS NAME IN! DO IT!

  • Mr. Paul endorse Gary Johnson! It would change a lot of things.

  • Write Ron Paul in. A vote for Romney, is a vote for Obama.

  • No vote is wasted. Except for every vote that’s not in a battleground state.

  • Another 4 years of Barack Obama or 4 years of flimflam man Romney paints a uncertain future for the United States, these two kowtow on bended knee to Israel’s powerful lobbies, suckling for every campaign dollar, insisting Iran needs to be dealt with, a country that has never attacked this nation nor has the capability to do so. We are in for a long haul with these two proxy puppets, prepare for the worst, many young American men will come home in body bags, for what? not for U.S. security!