Ron Paul: Why I’m NOT Endorsing Romney-Ryan

  • Hey Bman! do you know if the write-in should say “Ron Paul” or “Dr. Ron Paul” ? I was wondering if the write ins were different would they all count for the same person

  • Guys search :
    American voters: Allow Gary Johnson (and Jill Stein) to be part of the Presidential debates
    in google so people can sign the petition to have Garry in the presidential debates! This is the only way we can have a hope of making a difference. Once people see the logic and ideas Garry has to offer then I am sure they will wake up and vote for him from both Democrats and Republicans! Share this to other people and spread it through facebook. your support matters! Like this too!!!



  • Ron Paul will be 81 in 4 years…

  • I’m from Canada, I will be putting Ron Paul’s name on my ballot.. this man should run the world..

  • I’m 100% Republican and we need to defeat the evil communist fake Obama. If Ron Paul can leave the door open to voting for Obama then he is just as evil as he is.

  • He’s not as good on foreign policy as he should be.

  • Everyone who doesn’t know about libertarian candidate Gary Johnson please look him up.

  • Everyone who doesn’t know about libertarian candidate Gary Johnson please look him up.

  • The masses are blinded by the system…several news outlets painted Ron Paul as a crazy candidate that didn’t have a chance at winning the nomination…and yet those same outlets are begging for his endorsement…but his supporters are too smart for the B.S…u

  • That debt clock is scarey as fk. The speed it flies by is unbelievable.

  • I love Dr. Paul and I respect his decisions, but I think he should of changed parties and run as an Independent…he has no chance of becoming President if he isn’t on the ballot.
    Also…I think it would send a clear message to the idiots in power.

    I am ashamed of this country and the choices that we have to choose from.

    Are you really kidding me? obama and romney?
    What a fucking joke….

  • Your first sentence says it all.

    Thank you…

  • 2012 Election Song “No Red No Blue”
    check it out on youtube; vote third party!
    barrack or mitt=more of the sameshit!

  • Johnson’s VP on the ballot is James P. Gray

  • У вот на всё на это у ФСБ России находиться время и деньги , чтобы снимать и монтировать сборища своих сотрудников под американскими флагами в “Ледовом Дворце” в Ленинграде !!!!!

  • Ron Paul was supposed to get that nomination but Electoral Officials (so-called) commited fraud to nominate the cheat/fraud/liar Mitt Romney…The US political system is fried.

  • If you want to give Ron Paul traction, vote Gary Johnson so that we reach 5% and gain major party status for 2016 when Ron Paul runs again.

  • That’s the problem. Citizens are led to believe that they don’t have a choice. When it’s the people who are supposed to be given the choices to make. As far as “mean responses” I think you’ve misinterpreted passion with stupidity. Unfortunately, it is almost instinctual to become aggravated when the majority of the population doesn’t know their own role and the government is the “ultimate power” delegating the nation with propaganda. it just makes no sense. hence, voters become CLEARLY confused.

  • Federal Reserve chairman Ron Paul, wouldn’t that be the day… Lol