Teleprompter Decides Most Controversial Rule Change in GOP History

  • I think & HOPE they just made more enemies than they made friends

  • The two party system is broken. And it has collapsed on our freedoms.

  • I like this guy

  • I am ashamed that I changed my party to Republican during the NJ Primary in June when I voted for Ron Paul.


  • Now the only option is flooding the party. As soon as there are libety senators, representatives and governors, it is already a victory.

  • Private company…RNC that’s all…they make the rules

  • time for a real 3rd party

  • what more do you need?

  • They actually put on the teleprompter!!?? My god this party is corrupt to the core.

  • wow

  • What happenend in RNC this year, was just a huge power grab. Thats how i see it.

  • Whatever, the GOP is just burning its own bridges so it can finally be alone to rot away. We were fools to try to push a federalist party to make government smaller.

  • Yeah yeah….you are still in that 2- parties illusion huh? Maybe you can give us a detailed political lecture here to convince us that this is a true democracy. Listen, what I meant to say is that they serve same shit, same purpose. Anyway thank you Mr Professor for sharing your knowledge *facepalm*

  • how is this in such good quality? i’ve never seen one in this quality.

  • that’s the problem though, the RNC is a private group. they can run the convention however they want.

  • Wow, this is so fucked up.

  • Over due Time to change from party based control freaks to principle based independence .
    Church is no longer separate from State and State is no longer separate from the Federal UNION . American States lost itheir independence unable to be self support and you people call all this good –LOL
    R –igged
    N- ational
    C — rime
    The only good think that could happen is Obamney = Romney be thrown in JAIL To BIG TO JAIL for the American sheep herders

  • Both parties are corrupt and MSM is controlled so a 3rd party will not be televised. We have to fight for an honest media source that can not be swayed by money.

  • and how stupid most Americans are

  • Maybe their just going to fix every election from here on in…. so it doesn’t matter if you like them or not.

    • French Canadian


      Your election were fixed many decades ago.