Teleprompter Decides Most Controversial Rule Change in GOP History

  • What happened to the freaking audio?

  • Oh this is WARRRR! Those fuckers opened up a can of worms.

  • About 15 minutes ago this was #2 on the trending page. Now it’s nowhere to be found on that same page. Did this video really stop trending so quickly?

    Now trending spots #1 and #2 have suddenly been replaced with 2 Romney videos.

  • all those people running the RNC should go to jail for election fraud 🙂

  • whats with those pussies, kick the fuckin buss driver off and drive the fuckin buss yourself. jesus Christ!

  • That is messed up. RNC is now ruined.


  • South go independent!!!

  • If they do, im heading south.

  • I agree this is just flat out wrong and that seems the only resolution.

  • Not that our votes are ever really counted nor are they free from manipulation but that’s my plan; Gary Johnson. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I vote for another elephant or donkey ever again. Why Ron Paul didn’t run as an Independent to begin with is beyond me. To remain a party to this GOP circus doesn’t look good for him.


  • What the fuck was that script??!!!!! And what about those buses?? Even if they took out the bus driver and made it on time – still the script would decide.. I would not be surprised if this led to southern countries go independent from the USA..

  • Anarchists will probably only embolden them. They tend to label anarchists as “terrorists”.

    Remember, the laws are already in place to have the military imprison and kill anyone considered a terrorist. This includes the so called ‘domestic terrorists’ which they already suspect Ron Paul supports of being anyway.

    But as JFK so eloquently said: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

  • They need to replace Gary Johnson with Ron Paul, and set Mr.Johnson as the Vice Pres. This is the ONLY way i can see the 3rd party candidate even standing a chance in 2012 vs Obomney. This is a numbers game, and when we find ourselves winning for real change, they change the rules. Thats why they dont even care about Gary Johnson right now, if hes lucky he’ll get 8% of votes. The only problem is even if they did Pres Paul & VP Johnson, they would find a way to void them from the ballads.

  • Only Anarcho-Capitalism can work.

  • somebody needs a bullet in the head

  • James Hancock

    The same thing happened in Canada in the 1990s. The Progressive Conservative party, when faced with a major shift to libertarian principles locked down the party. The result was the creation of the Reform Party starting in Alberta and slowly expanding eastward.

    The result was 10+ years of “Liberal” rule. It didn’t matter in Canada at the time because the country was bankrupt and the Liberals were forced to act like Libertarians anyhow and slash budgets and reign in spending and get the debit down because Canada’s credit rating was getting hammered.

    Eventually, after seeing that there was no possible way that the two separate parties (Reform and Progressive Conservative) could win, because even as the majority of conservatives moved to the Reform party, it wasn’t enough to beat the Liberals; the PCs gave in to most of the demands of the Reform party and they joined forces as a new party called the “Conservatives”. They have gone on to win both minority and majority governments over the past 9 years slowly but surely moving Canada to the libertarian position.

    It was the combination of the Charter of Rights and freedoms coming into full effect in 1992, the tanking of Canadian credit, and this split and realignment under a vastly more libertarian view that resulted in Canada becoming more free than the United States.

    I wonder if the same sea-change in the US would result in the same movement to the libertarian ideal? The democrats will be forced to cut spending and likely raise taxes if they win just as if they were republicans. And given that they’re the same party anyway, would it really matter if we had 10 years of D versus R while this process occurred?

    History says no. History also says that the results are powerful indeed when this massive shift to the libertarian ideal occurs. If not the Libertarian party (which may be tainted) perhaps a new party should be formed to collect the Ron Paul and Gary Johnson libertarian people around them. If this party could get but 15% of the republican vote it would ensure that the big R would lose every election. And if Canadian history is any guide, it would be the big R that would be subsumed into the libertarian party, not the other way around.

    There is much more to the story that allowed this to occur including the sovereignty movement in Quebec that weakened all of the national parties at the time, but the basis is there and it’s something to strongly consider when Ron Paul is considering what his next steps should be (after a well deserved vacation!)

    • French Canadian

      James Hancock,

      Very good analysis!

  • Welcome to National Socialist America

  • im voting ron paul. the rest can go to hell. its RON PAUL ALL THE WWAY. he is the man who will give us back the freedom they last retards who where presidents have taken from us. He will end the wars and bring our troops back. i say write his name in if you have to, show your support that way

  • The GOP has been Hijacked, I hope we can take it back
    I wont vote for the hijackers !