Teleprompter Decides Most Controversial Rule Change in GOP History

  • > Apparently you don’t like capitalism.

    I love capitalism.

    The problem is that idiots like you confuse fascism with capitalism.

    Capitalism allows and thrives on competition. Fascism depends on monopoly and that’s all the “media’ in the united states is today – a cartel protected by the government and protecting the government – and you think that’s capitalism and free market, becuase you’re so fucking stupid.

  • Here Lies the Republican Party – born: July 6, 1854. died: August 27, 2012. Rest in Piss


  • The teleprompter video should be all that is needed to indict these bastards. I’m not holding my breath, though.

  • Regardless, I’d rather make a statement in 50 states – not 30.

  • What we are getting is a taste of the skill with which Mormon’s lie to assume power. It’s called “Priesthood Power”. Romney referred to “United America”. He was speaking directly to Mormons who referred to it as “United Order”. Polygamous State. The primary thrust of “PP” is the enslavement of women in polygamous marriages. 1st go talking heads. If Romney wins, old talking heads will be retreaded…enrolled in community camps that concentrate on learning new canning skills and self-sacrifice.

  • Why were delegates on the floor not given electronic vote counter’s like Congressman have when they vote on bill’s? Where has our republic gone when the “no’s” were just as loud as the “yea’s” and the teleprompter tells John Boehner what to say instead of a legitimate vote taken to determine a huge rules change?

  • Clint nailed it! Politicians are supposed to be the People’s employee’s. It would not seem that is true after watching how Ron Paul got railroaded at the convention

  • Nice one USA!

  • We don’t have 20 years.

  • Disgusting!


  • Jurassic Conservative here

    20 years from now, when the vast majority of DemSnake voters will be welfare-state poster children, with hardly a penny to their name, The Ron Paul Kids will be rainmakers of business and industry

    They’ll also be waaaay fat on cash that the RepubRats will (still) be begging for, mostly in vain

    Cheers to the RepubRats, for giving the nation a clear example of the short-term-gain, screw-the-future, Harvard Business School philosophy, that’s causing all our woes today


  • Yeah, I got ya. But what I really mean is just starting another Party and cal it Republican Party. Let the people decide which is the real Republican Party.

  • Everything is not scripted. The “media” is a collection of corporations who are trying to make a profit for their shareholders. Apparently you don’t like capitalism. They have no obligation to you or the public.

  • You’re an idiot. This “journalist” is pandering to you idiots to build an audience. Ron Paul lost and did not deserve to have his name put up for nomination.

  • who make peacefull revolution impossible , will make violent revolution inevitable.
    -John f kennedy .

  • Crap

  • I agree, I found this interesting too, kind of plays into the same stuff. A Symbol of Liberty

  • For those preaching revolution Normandy style. Get real. We are vastly out numbered. Just wait it out. Inform who you can. 20 years from now the gop will be dead. It’s important to remember that our enemy is not the people its the policy. Sure some people are gonna have to die but death can be a natural process.