Teleprompter Decides Most Controversial Rule Change in GOP History

  • Ron Paul has ruined his reputation and the libertarian party’s reputation for all time. Gary Johnson is not on the ballot in many states.. just a wasted vote. Welcome to hell libertarians. Maybe you can get it right sometime in the next 50 years?


  • How ironic, the Republican party voted that they don’t want to be republican.

  • I would have actually given you mere credit if space allowed. However I’m currenty trying to get my buzz on and this serious crap is just too sobering. Not to worry I will give you the opportunity to insult me further in the near future. cheers!

  • I can not deny I find it interesting that you are using the statement of Mark A. Calabria. A fervent supporter of auditing the fed to discredit RP’s audit the fed. “Although I believe it to be a grave mistake to continue to entrust the Federal Reserve with bank supervision and regulation, Congress has chosen to maintain, and extend, that situation”.-Calabria Here it gets strange: not to discredit you, he says the Fed is a creature of congress, and he agrees w/ me so we should b able to audit!

  • Because voting machines at state conventions wouldn’t fool anyone.

  • LMAO now they can guarantee their nominee with Rigged straw polls!!!!
    Only a sheep believes the straw polls.

  • > No one should be surprised that the Republican Party did
    > something contrary to democratic principles. It runs on an
    > authoritarian philosophy.

    I hope you’re not under the delusion that the Democratic party is any different.

    Did warrantless wiretapping end under Obama? Was the Patriot Act rescinded like he promised? Did Guantanamo close? Did the wars end?

    I remember when Democrats were against this, but when the leader of their party adopts it, like Pavlog’s dog, they drool and forget.

  • No one should be surprised that the Republican Party did something contrary to democratic principles. It runs on an authoritarian philosophy.

  • Actually Paul’s audit the Fed bill initiated the first congressional audit of the federal reserve in US history. He’s also the original creator of the Tea Party; before the neo-conservatives jumped aboard (Sarah Palin).

    He’s made the Federal Reserve a hot topic in Washington. His no nonsense logic in debates influenced other GOP candidate stances and talking points.

    His impact has already been nationwide and is accelerating as we speak.

    • Sammy

      Original creator of the Tea Party? LOL. What a Joke. He was the original creator of the Pot Party. The Goofy old asshole is about as truthfull as Teddy Kennedy and he’s about as stoned as Kennedy was drunk. And his “no nonsense logic” was actually his insane babbeling. This might have sounded like no nonsense to you but in your case, we can see where you might think that.

      • AdamGmoney

        The Pot Party hasn’t even beagun yet, asshole…

        P.O.T. Party – People Opposing Tyranny

        • AdamGmoney

          “A real Grassroots movement”

  • To find the irony in your post, read your first sentence. Then read the second. Not only was what you wrote covered under what you wrote, it’s also an associative logical fallacy.

    Now. There are two fundamental thoughts on governance. To expand it or to decrease it. Those who want government expansion overall are typically left wing. Those who want to decrease government overall are typically right wing.
    Romney and Obama both want to expand government and are nearly identical in policy.

  • Why do they even vote like that…everday I discover something new to persuade me to believe that the vast majority of America actually is stupid.

  • Horrible audio on this video

  • Don’t you see?? This is a major victory for Ron Paul. Clear corruption in the GOP, now fully exposed. If Dr. Paul runs third party! He’s instantly way more credible than GOP and DEMS. The whole point was to prove we don’t need or want Either, we’ve got our own party…and we’d win the general election with it. because it’s should be clear to america, all of it, that corrupt, “politics as usual” in america, just lost! RP 2012

  • robin

    Ron Paul needs to know he will have our support if he runs 3rd party. The only way to do that is on the Libertarian ticket since Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 50 states. He said he would step down if Ron Paul wanted to run. Of course, both Romney and Obama are trying to change that in several states. We will know tomorrow what his announcement is, but in the meantime, flood his congressional email and let him know we need him to continue the fight and that the way he was treated at the RNC is not the way to leave his 30 year legacy. We also need to continue having an intellectual debate of ideas and issues. People are starting to wake up, and we can’t afford to wait.

  • Yup, if hell exists, there is a nice warm spot for this f*cken dude.

  • How much is the RNC paying you to troll Ron Paul vids?

  • And of course, only a handful of the populace know about this. The “truth” is scripted out for us on television. Welcome to 1984 folks.

  • “GAO, gives as an example a bank borrowing $10 billion at night, repaying it the next morning and then borrowing it again in the evening. The running tally would count that as $20 billion borrowed.” That sounds more like laundering to me. Given the fact that fiat currency is created via loans. If anything this is suspicious behaviour. If you are making out that the Fed is some innocent agency, which has the peoples best interest at heart, well then you are very mistaken.

  • Wow! Unbelievable! When will we get to the point when dictators, I mean political representatives, are simply appointed in to office by, not the people, but others who are in positions of power? It seems to be going in that direction. It is the “Good Ol’ Boy” system at work.

  • The Fed is audited. The GAO did not find 16 trillion handed out. The 16 trillion was the total overnight lending. That money was lent out and paid back every day. Look up article titled “Did the Fed create $15 trillion during the bailout and send $5 trillion overseas?” on politifact. The Fed conducts monetary policy independently but they answer to Congress. You are too stupid to comprehend the concept of an independent central bank.