Teleprompter Decides Most Controversial Rule Change in GOP History

  • Enlightened

    I sincerely hope that you Paul supporters are watching the DNC tonight. You will have learned what you are really lacking in the Paul movement. Organization! We are so close on all the issues, why can’t you see that the only place for you now, is the DFL ? Ron Paul is a Democrat at heart and he knows it. Only he knows why he calls himself a Republican. I have read so many of the comments on this site and I can tell you that most of you are Democrats also. Why have you left the only party that will do something for you? Do you think that the Republicans will ever let Ron Paul carry their water after he has failed to endorse their nominee ? He will never be trusted to any inside information or any position again. His career is basically over. Who do you have now? I can tell you who. Barrack Obama. Put the presidents and Mr. Pauls platform side by side and you will see that I am right. Let’s put our votes together and we can defeat the Republicans in November by a landslide.

    • karl

      Enlightened, with all due respect, you are completely, 100% wrong. Liberty. That is what Ron Paul stands for. Have you heard of the NDAA? Put the platform side by side? Seriously? Ron Paul wanted a smaller federal government. Obama has done the opposite. Ron Paul wanted the power in the states. Ron Paul wants to bring our troops home YESTERDAY, not aaahhh…whenever. Ron Paul wanted to audit and end the fed. Only the republicans have even budged on that. Ron Paul wasn’t for redistribution of wealth or forced healthcare. Ron Paul didn’t vote for (ANY) debt ceiling increase that Obama required (twice IIRC)

      Ron Paul is closer to a far right wing conservative than an on-the-fence liberal any day of the week. Ron Paul was very distant from Obama. Your opinion is clearly a sales pitch. If you were actually familiar with what Ron Paul stood for, you would never make this claim. Don’t read a few lines from a few web sites. Listen to the man talk and understand what he is REALLY about. If you’re going to be involved, actually BE INVOLVED.

      I know the parties will come down to fighting for the Paul supporters. I will be voting 3rd party. I want to show both parties that they have it all wrong. This isn’t about whoever is closer to “good”, it’s about how far wrong BOTH parties in control are. The movement isn’t going to slide into the democrat party and is more disenfranchised from the republican party than it ever has been. This election is about making a statement. I give you a tiny bit of credit though, it was a nice try.

      • Enlightened

        Karl – I want to dispute what you said about the platforms being so different.
        Number one is that Ron Paul is about as far Left as any so called Republican can get. That’s good but don’t say that Ron Paul and the President are as distant as they can get. Ron Paul is farther Left on most of his ideas than President Obama. We like that and wish that the President would move more to the left like Mr. Paul.
        The President has also stated that he wants a smaller footprint from the Gov’t. He just knows that the States can’t be trusted to make the right decisions when it comes to leadership. They differ on how to acheive that point but it’s minor.
        “Ron Paul wants to bring our troops home yesterday”.Well, so does the President but he isn’t living in a bubble like Mr. Paul. He has to make realistic decisions in real time. Ron Paul can say whatever he wants, he isn’t in a position to make any decisions, just noise.
        Ron Paul wants to audit and end the Fed. The President knows that this is impossible to end the Fed. or the worlds economy will collapse. What a foolish idea. It’s amazing, how many people have fallen for this foolish stance that Mr. Paul has taken. It’s almost laughable if he wasn’t so serious or confused. Mr. Paul has also stated that he wouldn’t help other countries that are in turmoil, like Egypt and Libeya or other countries that are wanting their freedom. President Obama understands that we must be there for those countries so that they can have the same chance for freedom that we have. The president understands Mr. Pauls feelings on these positions but Mr. Paul doesn’t understand reality. Thank Goodness that we have a President that can make the right decisions at the right time. He has kept us and the rest of the world safe. I’m sure, if Mr. Paul was the president, he would make the same decisions that President Obama has. They are closer than you think. If you like Ron Paul, you should Love President Obama.


        • karl

          As far as your first paragraph or two, look at how many things Obama wanted to push through Congress and Ron Paul voted against. He didn’t vote against Obama based on party affiliation. It was a conviction he took a stand for.

          Helping other countries obtain freedom? Are you serious? Obama has TAKEN our freedom. Issues on our soil take precedence over issues foreign countries are having. They SHOULD anyway. Apparently you are unfamiliar with the NDAA. Putting all that aside though, let me make a statistically accurate analogy for you:

          You have about 40-50 G’s in credit card debt, which more than doubles every 4 years. You use that credit card to spend thousands each year in donations. All the while, your debt is growing at an uncontrollable rate and as far as growth, no end is in sight. Are you smart financially? Should your dependents have faith in you knowing this?

          While ending the fed is a distant thought and many of Pauls ideas would be more suited in a Utopian society, Obama is a far cry from Ron Paul. The fed should be audited and the dollar should be backed. It doesn’t take 4 levels of College Economics to figure that out.

          Still, if this is what you want to convince Paul supporters, you’re on the wrong website. I’m not a hardcore Ron Paul fan myself, but his ideas and ideals beat anything Washington has to offer. He is the one politician I honestly believe isn’t as corrupt as (insert any other politicians name here).

          If you wanna sell the Paul supporters, try Ron Paul Forums. Don’t expect a warm welcome though. They realize how far Obama is from Paul too.

          • karl

            Fiscal policy is opposite, Obamacare, entitlements, foreign policy, Ron Paul is nearly the polar opposite of Obama.

  • Ok then why change the rules if Ron Paul had no chance of winning at all

  • ron paul has ruined his reputation and the libertarian party’s reputation for all time. gary johnson is not on the ballot in many states.. just a wasted vote. welcome to hell libertarians

  • lol…pretend democracy at its best..foolish people, wake up

  • lol…pretend democracy at its best..foolish people, wake up

    • karl

      I couldn’t agree more. The politicians that 90 something percent of Americans vote for don’t make 90 something percent of the decisions that affect America.

      Those decisions are reserved for the banks, lobbyists, and Federal Reserve. Common theme here? $$$

  • I double that! those fascist assholes..

  • The reason Ron Paul didn’t get the nomination is that Israel actually owns the federal reserve and by printing the dollar they have bribed most of the delegates. They have also bought over 90% of cable channels such as FOX News, CNN and MSNBC which have tricked people into supporting either Obama or Romney (both men are owned by Israel) and into thinking Ron Paul’s ideas (like ending the federal reserve) are crazy. Here is a link to a video that explains everything. /watch?v=Qw7IVpCE40k

  • I knew that american elections were kinda LOL but this is too much.

    This is middle ages. In the opinion of the chair she’s a witch – BURN HER!

  • jews dislike ron paul = he will never win u idiots

  • Who rule USA ??

    watch this remember and spread

  • Who rule USA ??

    watch this remember and spread

  • democracy sucks

  • my left ear enjoyed this news report.

  • > Gary Johnson is not on the ballot in many states..

    He’s on the ballot in every state.

    > Welcome to hell libertarians.

    See you there, sucker – there’s not 4th or 5th amendment anymore. At least I know I didn’t take part in doing that, and I resisted it all the way. Unlike you, traitor.

  • > Are you People nuts? You find conspiracy where none
    > exists.

    I saw a vote taken, and the results printed on a teleprompter before the vote was even counted, or listen to.


    Guess I’m “nuts” to see a vote taken, where the results were completely ignored, and the outcome was pre-determined regardless of the results.

    I guess that’s not a conspiracy.

  • Unbelievable. How did the video of the Teleprompter not go viral?

  • Maybe your just blinded by the truth!

  • The GOP Sounds like a bunch of spoiled 6 yr. olds playing an unsupervised game of Hi-Ho Cherry-O. *~*~*Makin’ up the rules as they go~*~* . Those God DAMNED STALINISTS

    • Sammy

      LOL. The GOP sounds like a bunch of 6 yr. olds? Hahahaha. Kind of like the Pot calling the Kettle Black. You ignorant fools are the ones that are the 6 yr. olds.

  • Enjoy endless debt!

  • Are you People nuts? You find conspiracy where none exists.

    This rule made by any Party simply stating they will not release their delegates to a Candidate not of their Party. What were you expecting; Republican delegates to be released to the Libertarian, Constitution, or Democratic Party? For God’s sake, think a little bit before you post.

    It says nothing about disavowing Republican candidates and if you watched the Republican Convention you would have noticed Paul was award his delegates.