Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!

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  • Just imagine how beautiful this world would be with Ron Paul as president of the United States of America.


  • Clone Ron Paul.

  • fair convention with integrity my ass

  • I saw the writing in the wall in 2010 when I saw the corruption in Alabama.

  • Wow I had no clue – this is STRONG… Ron Paul IS the TRUE American spirit. Romney was a puppet – everyone knew… Of course the lobbyists would use stupid boardroom tactics to get him elected. Someone PLEASE reform our politican systems. This is just like watching the world be destroyed in slow motion

  • I’m not American but even I can see that Ron Paul should have been the candidate over Romney. The dirty tricks campaign against Paul was nothing short of criminal, both the treatment of the mainstream media and the reprehensible treatment he received from his own party management. He should really have launched a legal challenge against the mainstream media for obvious bias against him.

  • Ron Paul is truth, Ron Paul is hope

  • APB

    I movin to Australia LOL

  • Yep, they are 2 sides of the same coin doesn’t matter which way you flip it. I learned that the hard way. I gave them the benefit of the doubt…NEVER AGAIN! Waking up alone won’t help, but if we wake-up ourselves, and help others to see corruption, that should help open eyes. Anyone with even a slight ounce of intelligence could see that what happened last election was a damn shame.

  • They are no different than the Democratic party, we got to stop playing their game and WTFU.

  • I think YouTube is censoring this shit because only half the video will play on my computer

  • a nice way to treat a veteran that wore the uniform ,never voted for a tax increase, abolish the irs, end the federal reserve ,and promotes liberty WAY TO GO GOP. the good news is people see this and as ron paul states you can not stop an idea whos time has come!

  • You said that in 2012.