Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!

  • We are nothing more than debt slaves to the system and will be dealt with if we step out of line..

  • RNC or not I will still vote for Ron Paul as a wright in. This doesn’t stop him tho it is a huge speed bump. Make sure to tell all Ron Paul supporters to do this come voting time. Show them we won’t go peacefully and accept their corruptness that they think will continue.

  • The one good thing that came out of this is, everyone can see the true nature of the system as the fraud that it is.

  • It matters because they are violating the entire voting process… It matters because if they control the voting process even YOUR vote doesn’t matter! The numbers that are presented at the end of an election may not even reflect the true votes of the US citizenry. They may be fabricated to what the Powers That Be want… You and everyone else be damned in their eyes! THATS why it matters! You have no choice, no freedom to choose your own leaders because they decide everything. You are a slave.

  • i mean really, its so painfully obvious that all the rallying, all the debates, all the mainstream media coverage ( or lack there of ), is just a big show. they likely decided the day barack obama got voted in who the next guy to take the throne would be. the rest of this shit is just to rub it in the face of the people who are awake. i had really high hopes that ron paul would win. i felt he would just by judging from the amount of support he gets compared to anyone. but that ship has sailed.


  • Don’t worry, in 2016 we’ll have the majority and their plan will backfire on them.

  • They should have rushed the stage.

  • I fear that if 90% of the US population voted for Ron Paul the Powers That Be would force the US to have a president of their choosing… This isn’t about Ron Paul specifically, he’s the guy right now that is being constantly attacked because his path for the US is not what the Powers That Be want… If a politician on their side was treated this way there’d be hell to pay. Any candidate could end up in Ron Paul’s shoes. You don’t have control of your country’s path. This proves it. WAKE UP!!

  • so to conclude, this is proof that the voting system is rigged. proof that mainstream media tells you who will win. proof that ron paul is the choice of the people (which anyone with a brain can tell by the amounts of people he gets to support him at the rallys compared to mitt fraudney). and proof that delegates from minnesota and iowa are the ONLY ones left with any god damn balls. i live in canada so i have an outside view, but man, its so sad that this is the state of politics and government

  • This country is fucked kid lol

  • second what did Paul supporters expect from republicans ? why the hell did he choose to run as one- they make democrats look desirable

  • hes done.

  • From a Canadian`s perspective…I am appauled at the FRAUD and BULLSHIT in your electoral process. How did the RNC manage to replace the delegates from Maine??? We are a proud and peaceful nation, but if they tried that kind of outright fraud in Canada, there would be another revolution!!

  • ron paul deserves no respect anymore- he cut a backroom deal so his son could speak and sold out his delegates for his boy?nepotism before honor- RP is a fraud- he suddenly became very quiet these last few months and has been praising Romney in his own way- how does it feel to be played like fools RP supporters- i was one at one time– Rand paul can suck it!!!

  • glad someone said it

  • I’m not Ron Paul, but here’s my view. Whatever you do, do not vote for either Obama or Romney. Now we have the option to write in Ron Paul or Vote Gary Johnson. As for me, I became intrigued into politics because of Ron Paul. He awaken me and i’ll always be behind me. I don’t really know much about Gary Johnson, and if Ron Paul endorses him then i’ll vote for him but for now i’m going to write in Ron Paul.

  • let me ask something…could it be that most of the american people are remote controlled ?

  • With this is the death of freedom. REVOLT!

  • To the americans who voted ron paul,ireland salutes you.
    To the americans who did not,FUCK YOU from ireland,you deserve everything comming to you for being so dumb.

  • You guys are in serious trouble if you don’t stop this corruption of your republic/ democratic system… Letting them get away with this violation (ignoring Ron Paul’s delegates etc) allows tyranny to happen. This is not a republican/democratic action, you don’t ignore the will of the people and do what you want anyways… that is tyranny.