Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!

  • The GOP has once more minimized the movement, shut it down for all future times.There is no true GOP, it is a machine owned by Banks and Big Biz who no longer care for Americans or America and that indeed is a public shame

  • right I’m just calling from this side of the atlantic… Its a shame Paul can’t get in – has he any chance and is he for real?

  • Who cares about youtube subscriptions for a politician? Look at facebook likes. Gary Johnson has almost a quarter of a million likes which is almost 1/4 of what Ron Paul has. Obviously Dr. Paul is a lot more popular because he has been in politics for decades and decades. This is Gary’s first time running for President while it was Ron’s third time.


  • 6:20. That’s just blatant censorship. What the actual fuck.

  • Good laws are impartial. Good laws are just.We must understand that the forces that control our election process, our elected officials and our laws are ruled by corrupt men. Men who stand with the corruptness instead of upholding law. This collection of States was birthed as a nation of laws not a nation of men. It is almost time for all men to stand up and be counted as a man who will uphold laws or be counted as a man who will uphold corrupt men.

    -Principes non Homines

  • Gary Johnson has 4726 subscribers to his channel.

    yeah, he’s got a shot. unhuh…

  • The political process in the states is officially fucked up! Americans are FUCKED!

  • What,a Fucking joke!! If your not RAVING MAD and to the point our forefathers where God help you, I’m boiling right now !! V

  • I don’t cry easily but this video actually made me cry.

  • What you’re saying is just as bad as what Romney supporters are doing, demanding person X be the nominee even if there is one that was already chosen or had more supporters. What a shame. You Paulites are getting seriously out of hand. It’s time to embrace a new face.

  • Now that we are ALL fully aware of the corruption inherent in our fraudulent 2 party system, and now that you are no longer in politics…

    Please come forward and speak out for 9/11 Truth Dr. Paul! The lie continues to destroy us, morally, ethically, and financially.

    We are tired of the lies!

  • “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” ―Ron Paul―

  • Better story than Twilight…

  • This is so messed up Same bullshit at our Oklahoma convention ! I had to fight tooth and nail to become a delegate !!! The GOP sucks!

  • I hope you’re joking.

  • FORCED RETIREMENT! IT SURE MAKES MAKES ME WONDER HOW YOU’ALL CAN BE SO PEACE FULL ABOUT IT! I still just don’t believe Ron Paul will leave such a void in this time of “absolute” necessity. America is both broke and broken without Ron Paul being the next president you’all, we all are still plagued by the evils of lies and deceipt with no acceptable change for the future as Romney and the Republican party has proven.
    It is just like Ronald Reagan said, “Not that are liberal friends are ignorant it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” That my friends is factual statement
    unknowingly of you current Republicans. As too is a fair statement of traitor to the Ron Paul movement by his own son Ryan Paul. Just want to thank all of you diehard Ron Paul supporters, I think we must keep the pressure on and pray that Ron Paul will dust himself off and run as an independant. HOW CAN HE NOT!

  • Stacy Bascle

    Yes! Yes! Yes! We need Ron Paul

  • so sad :C

  • So now that the U.S. is officially a dictatorship, as it has been for years unofficially, my question is when will they change the tittle from president to supreme leader or some bullshit like that? I can hardly control myself I am so sick of all this bs right now.

  • Democracy has been a sham for a long long time and now they dont even bother to pretend anymore. This is a form of insanity,madness and its very sad that America has been destroyed and invaded from within. Goodness knows what lies ahead.