Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!

  • And these are the people who want to “run” our country? They don’t even respect their own! Now what makes you think that I’d want these people to be running our government? With them going against their own “like that” they’re most likely to go against the People of the United States! How dare they disrespect Ron Paul who’s sole purpose is to defend our Constitution and our RIGHTS!


  • Let’s FLOOD the GOP and RNC websites and express our outrage.

  • then it belongs on sickipedia

  • greg ball

    Dr Paul, please run for President as a Libertian or any Independent. We the people will support you! I am hoping on sept 4th Leno show that Dr Paul annouces he is still running for President or if you choose Dr Paul to throw all support to Gary Johnson I will support him.

    God bless you Dr Paul, America needs you sir.

  • It isn’t a message of violence Ron Paul supporters spread, its a message that says we need to speak up for what is right. The people have been silent for so long. Most Americans watch as our president signs multiple unconstitutional orders and bills and simply think “I guess I agree with that…” We are resisting a tyrannical country, and it is our duty as Americans to research r candidates and protest when they attack r rights. In any situation all a person wants is to share their opinion.

  • I hope Mitt gets JFK’ed… the difference would be is the former would deserve it. Fuck America; home of the free my ass. Corrupt disgusting fuckers.

  • you are still my man Ron Paul im still behind you all the way

  • Amen.

  • robin

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    • French Canadian


      Max Keiser said that gold bullions or Junk silver are the best choices. If you want a good place to buy them go to Ted Anderson, Alex jones buys all his gold and silver from him.

      “For those who may not be aware, Ted Anderson has been one of Dr. Paul’s biggest supporters for a LONG time. He also financed the Ron Paul Air Corps in 2008 cycle and is a long time sponsor of Dr. Paul’s Campaign For Liberty.

      He’s also the founder and owner of Midas Resources Gold/Silver/Precious Metals dealer, who has also been a long time supporter of Campaign for Liberty and Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch (one of the first ad sponsors) and the Genesis Communications Network whose premier marquee show is the Alex Jones Show.”

      Here is a short video of Ted Andercon:

      Video: Ted Anderson, Owner of GCN & Midas Gold, is a Minnesota Delegate to Tampa!

  • Our political system is a joke

  • Anger is closer to what I felt. And I British so it doesn’t directly affect me. The way Ron Paul was treated was disgusting.

  • robin

    Everyone send Ron Paul an email to let him know you want him to run 3rd party. Remember, Gary Johnson said he would switch places and be his VP if he wanted to run on the Libertarian ticket. Do it asap before he goes on air on Tuesday to make his announcement.

    • French Canadian


      WOW! Gary Johnson would switch places and be his VP if he wanted to run on the Libertarian ticket! Fantastic! This Gary Johnson is definitaly a GOOD man who really cares for his country.

      What an incredible duo they would make. If this happens, it will be a landslide victory.
      I’m so excited. Obamney and Rombama would never be able to get over this astonishong victory…lol. They both would have nightmares for the rest of their lives.

  • No time to cry, time to get pissed and join the revolution !!!!!!!!!

  • hookagold

    The (Constitutional Rights) Party – duel meaning

    The party that, supports our Constitutional Rights

    The Constitutional Rights us. The Blind Rights, Romney supporters

  • marco feola for RON PAUL

    we gotta get him on a gary johnson ticket gary already announced at the first gop debate that he wants ron paul as vp and if we get that ticket we can still win it. i for one don’t think this country has until 2016 all we have is right now to do the right thing we still have our voice SO LET’S USE EM AND GET OUR GUY’S ON THE TICKET TOGETHER!! JOHNSON / PAUL 2012!!

  • RNC = Corrupt

    The RNC = Corrupt. Democracy is a Hoax.

    The people don’t elect the President, the elite chooses the President, and uses “Democracy” and “elections” to fool the public.

    We need to thank Ron Paul for showing this to the world.

    Hope you run 3rd party.

  • Nice to know most of us are on the same page for Ron Paul to run as an independant. Jay Leno ah ok how about Saturday Nite Live as so far the Republican Party has made themselves a bad joke!I hope in doing so the main stream media stops they’re one sided views and show Ron Paul’s true strength for the 2012 President of the United States of America. Not just freedom fighter for America but the free world and stop the travesty of coruption plaguing the world. Protect Ron Paul from the dark side!
    “President Paul!” “President Paul!” “President Paul!” GO RON PAUL!

  • French Canadian

    Now that the Convention is over we learn more and more about the depht of the corruption of Romney

    Romney’s Revenge

  • robin

    Ron Paul is going to make an announcement on Jay Leno. I pray that he will be running on a third party ticket…If so, how that will work. The only other announcement is endorsing a candidate.. Watch Sept. 4th..Why else would he have saved all that money???? Call his office and let him know what you think. As Matt Larson says in his video, he’s unlikely to know about the petition we have signed.

  • Scott R

    I’m done with the republican party. I can’t believe what happened this week (and this year for that matter) in a so called free country.

    Truth is and what we all must realize, is that we are NOT required to be republicans or democrats. If you are still a republican after Dr. Paul was disrespected this week in so many ways, can I ask you WHY? Even if you don’t agree with him, what is going on is dishonest and just wrong!

    Ron Paul… PLEASE go 3rd party. Don’t go out like this. Even if you don’t win, you will bring together the next party of the future in this critical election. We absolutely need another choice. Gary Johnson is great, but we need YOU on that ticket. I believe that you can win as a 3rd party candidate… I don’t think it will be easy, but, usually the RIGHT thing to do is not the EASY thing to do in life. I hope you agree and announce something soon.