Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!

  • Besides being brilliant, he’s a good man with a big heart. For him not to be elected shows me what a mirage politics these days really is.

  • The fellow holding the Mitt sign at 5;30 should receive a royal ass whooping.

  • What inspires me about Ron is that he is smart as a fox. In being striped of his delegates he once again opens our eyes to the truth. Even when he loses he wins:>) May he live to be a healthy 100 years old!

  • My heart really does go out to the United States Average joes, the sad thing is what is going on here is not only going to effect the United States but the entire world it literally is the beginning of the end people laugh when I said to them the shits about to hit the fan in the US, now they are starting to believe me…………………………

  • Then there are a ton of truly awesome and inspirational Ron Paul tributes on youtube.
    This is a tribute that consists almost solely of clips of Ron Paul’s speeches and debates. It’s both inspirational and informative.
    If you’re interested in economics as well as politics, I’d recommend Mises(DOT)org. A few very good economists you could familiarize yourself with are Frédéric Bastiat, F.A. Hayek, Murray Rothbard, and Hans Sennholz.
    Best of luck to you, buddy!

  • Shameful. Look how proud they all are of giving their delegates to Romney, while intentionally marginalizing Ron Paul. But, hey, it doesn’t matter what I think. All you shifty little establishment Republican pricks will pay. Be sure of that.


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    Go to ronpaul2012(DOT)com and then go to the tab titled “the ISSUES.”
    This is a good place to start; it’s from his 2012 election website. They aren’t videos, but they’re summaries of his positions on a bunch of popular issues such as abortion, healthcare, national defense, and more.
    Just replace the (DOT) in the URL with an actual period.

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    Here’s an old interview where he gives good concise answers fairly quickly (8 minutes). One thing to note is that he subsequently changed his view on capital punishment. He now believes that capital punishment on the state level is immoral but legal within the framework of the constitution, but that capital punishment on the federal level is both immoral and illegal.
    Just paste this after the regular youtube part of the URL.

  • Can someone help me im a ron paul supporter iv’e been one for a while but i want to know about everything he talks about i haven’t got into everything just a couple of things but i want to know increase my knowledge. So could u guys hook me up with some town hall speches or something?

  • More Americans need to know about this!!

  • Have you seen the You Tube video; “alan keyes chilling response” ? Very informative, and so are many of the comments the American public have posted there!

  • Iowa and Minnesota , you should be proud, you are the only honest states.
    Go Ron Paul, you’ll be greatly missed ..

  • Fuck the GOP, guess what??? You will lose badly to the democrats… Great job cheating…

  • almost as bad as the Democrats

  • .licans still think the constitution is in charge when Ron Paul was their only choice

  • If only we all had the good ole NY Herald news Company back so the press would have wakened the elderly idiots who think Romney is a patriot. It appears to the idiot repub

  • It’s not that Ron Paul supporters are against Romney; we’re against statism, collectivism, and anyone who claims the right to rule us. I don’t understand how you support some government oppression, like compulsory taxation, and then freak out when progressives think that mandatory healthcare is okay. Both policies justify their oppression on utilitarian grounds.
    You’re a Christian; read 1 Samuel 8. You fret over who will lead the government that rules you. We fret over being ruled.

  • I disagree in part because I think (1) Romney is a patriot and Obama is not and (2) Romney understands business and Obama does not and (3) Romney wants to shrink the federal government and Obama wants to expand it. But I also thought about what would happen if Obama gets in and the economy falls apart. I suppose the Republicans could sweep the 2014 elections and that would be something. But we would still be stuck with the impostor for four more years. Thanks for your comment.

  • Sadly you are right. But remember that the American founding fathers were perhaps the greatest political geniuses who ever lived. It’s hard to top that. But we try to the best of our abilities. Thanks for recognizing the greatness of our founding fathers and best wishes.

  • I think you need a refresher course in basic logic. I never said everything would be “ok” if Romney becomes president. As far as Obama being Marxist-inspired, read The Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital, and Rules for Radicals, then read Obama’s books. Read about his most important mentor “Frank” who was Frank Davis, who helped formulate policy for the CPUSA. By the way, it is not for someone of your obvious lack of perception to advise others on their education. Improve yourself first.