Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!

  • Look at the guys face at 7:34 he’s like HA Ron Paul is better then Romney.


  • Ron Paul is my HERO! I bless that man with all of my heart! Keep fighting Ron Paul…..the country is on your side!

  • 1 choice is not freedom but given 2 choices gives freedom to choose one of them!

    But you cant choose between, thus it’s an illusion.

    I am from the netherlands and i don’t know much about american politics.

    But at least i know where Ron Paul stands for!

  • don’t they know pen and paper have been invented so they can write down their votes?

  • don’t they know pen and paper have been invented so they can write down their votes?

  • This is the rapture people. We are ruined and only god can help us now. Only thing i can say if Romney is our president and you have a job. You better not lose it if you can help it at all. If Obama is our president… Lord, Please forgive me for my sins…. and may god have mercy on us all

  • How is taking our country back to the way it was founded darker? Spending less money that we don’t even have to spend? How is saying the National Anthem in school the move of the devil. Why would it be soooo horrible to just live our life’s like we did before our whole country just collapsed. Since when is it a bad idea to just worry about the empire we live in that we cant even afford instead of printing money, giving it to dictators, and then you know what comes next…

  • Yay, and you liberals have caused the destruction of America. I believe this is the rapture people. We are fucked…

  • I don’t get why you people want to be controlled by the government unless your under support from the federal government… Let me try that again. Unless your under the tax payers support. Obama is printing money like crazy that we don’t and spending it on everything except the people. Instead, he wants money from American people to distribute it among the American people. Go back and read that one more time. Take money from people. Distribute to people of same nation. Text book Socialism.

  • To make this genius above me make since to all you idiots that have no clue what your even following. on Paul wants our gov to be how it was supposed to be the whole time. Stop shitting on our constitution and stop spending money we dont have on bull shit we dont need like troops in the middle east, Germany, Japan, Korea, ect. Obama wants to print money we dont have for reasons all except helping the people, but take money from the people to help the people…. What are they thinkin Bleed?

  • What about federal and state power. This country was built on low federal control and give more control to the states. The 10th amendment says that any law not specifically chosen to be govern’d by federal law will be in the hands of the state. In that case, what the fuck is our Board of Education for? Education is not stated to be govern’d by federal law.

  • Why do you people believe in having such government control. You want to elect a president that wants to print money that we do not have and do not need to spend on everything except the people. Instead, he wants to take the money from the people and distribute it to the people. Al’s while printing money for non-since. Yea, he really cares about you. Besides, Obama has showed all the other nations that we are weak. He apologizes on his hands and knees to the Muslims for bombing our country. WTF?

  • Could explain how Ron Paul caused 9/11?

    It was our foreign policy that caused 9/11. If Ron Paul had anything to do with our foreign policy then he would have pulled our troops out of the Middle East completely. Would have done the same in Korea, Germany, even Japan. He then would have cut military spending, which would not have effect our defense at all. We spend way to much money dicking around over there. Its non-since. Especially when there is no reason anyway. We need to focus on America.

  • that asshole at 530 with the Mitt sign cant understand why they took the ron paul sig it is true that we are getting to the establishment soon we will have our country back Ron Paul Revolution LIVES ON IN ME

  • it seriously is just insane that these corporations have so much power that we no longer have a voice. If Ron Paul was president i would die for his cause for the name oftrue freedom to better my future and my childrens. When China calls back their debt that we owe them be prepaired for total collapse of our economy and danger to every citizen in America.

  • It literally breaks my heart that he is out. How in the hell did this happen???

  • Ron Paul is one of rare few honest politicians if not the only one and the only who Dared to stand up and challenge the tryantical Dictating assholes who want enslave and control humantiny.

  • Of course i am . I have a degree in history from oxford in1987 and have studied history all my life .

  • I would like to point out that Ron Paul would not disallow abortion, he would leave it to the voters of the states. He also personally does not believe in evolution but supports its teaching. As for the separation of church in state, he simple believes in should not be against the law to pray in public, he certainly does not believe in the combination of church with state.

  • AHAAAHAAHH, Ron paul pulled out today, And no not hes dick out of muslims arsses..out of the race, He lost… its over rover, Its a great day for America, Hip Hip, Hooray! Romnel 2012 and the nuking of the muslims is about to become reality, How does that make you feel? tell uncle all about it,