Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!

  • dougalas

    Money only makes value when peoples do work for it. That is what brings value to its issuance. Nothing else brings value to the issuance of money but the effort and labor given by citizens who accepted it as a medium of exchange. The Evil ones control the issuance and the taxation of its leverage. So, we are slaves to them unless we wake up and start defending our right to proper representation.

  • I think 911 was the definitive nail in the coffin for people actually doing something, when no one protested or asked questions or put a stop to changing American values that was the governments sign, which told them they could do anything, untouchable. People have no fight in them. They will just use the tools that are given to them, protest and votes. All il say this, is in the American revolution, did the militia fight the red coats the way the red coats wanted them too…

  • No ones interested, distracted by porn, ipads, sport, materials. The ones that are interested are talked out of doing anything about it. You think this is bad, imagine what your children will live through and your childrens children.

  • What Ron Paul said and the kind of energetic crowd support he got has convinced me that in USA there are people who believe in rule of law and in respecting others sovereignty .

    His Foreign policy ideas may not have been the main motivating factor for the support he got but still it made a lot of sense. If a person with the ideas like Ron Paul’s ever wins the elections its going to make america stronger and safer. cheers!

    A Ron Paul supporter in Pakistan .

  • The people arent interested. And its clear now the mainstream establishment wont allow it. Its a damn shame, his whole life he has campaigned for liberty and he wont ever see his nation abiding by the constitution. America has let Ron Paul down and thereselves by selling themselves so short. I hope im wrong and all these people in suits give the world what they want, unfortunately i dont think they will and corporatism will marry government.


  • This is hideous

  • NEW WORLD ORDER. Thats all this is. They cant shut us all up!

  • True Conservatives: do not be dismayed but preserve your fire for the years ahead, when it will be needed most and burn brightest. Do not concede your loyalty to a broken party but remember the principle that brought you to where you are and pledge yourselves to that. Those who mock you today will be in awe when in the years ahead they witness the rise of liberty, impervious to their ever-dwindling influence, in the hearts of newfound patriots over every people group and political party.

  • I´m so sad to hear this from Argentina, from here it looks like the people who has some brain and a good thinking supports Dr Ron Paul. Keep on supporting him, you are right people.

  • Josiah

    Ron Paul should have ran third party earlier, there is no way he can be on the ticket in 50 states as a libertarian with 60 days left. He needs to endorse Gary Johnson so that all his supporters can back him and he can get in the debates with Obama and Romney. It is also too late for him to run as Gary’s VP since he already has chosen one and they’ve been nominated by the libertarian party. Ron Paul had his chance to actually take it all running 3rd party and was polled to beat Obama and Romney with 34 percent but chose to play the too corrupted system of the GOP. The least he can do is return the favor to Gary Johnson and endorse him since he did endorse Ron Paul when he asked for his endorsement.

  • How corrupt does it have to get till we make a change

  • Ron Paul changed the world.

  • Ceo

    or run as independent.

  • This is Democracy at work ;(

  • This is absolutely ridiculous! Ron Paul we need you! This country is screwed with Obama or Mitt.

  • ….crimes against humanity

  • julie schneider

    please run as a independent. Your the only honest one out there. Im a mother of four children and lost my husband in a car accident when they were teenagers. they all grew up to be hard working americans, but now i have grandbabies and want to make sure that america gets on the right track for them.

  • Darrell Hackler

    As a citizen of this country and a registered voter I will say that I am afraid of the way this country is headed. Obama and Romney will destroy this nation. Our founders are spinning in their graves at the disgrace that this country in turning into. We need someone that will fight for “We the people!! Not them the few.” We need someone that will stand up for our rights and the rights of our children. We need to make this country great again. WE NEED RON PAUL! I for one will write his name in with the many of you out there. Let’s show that our voice can still be heard and not silenced.

  • LOL 😀