Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!

  • Way to go Minnesota

  • was was the sign they took?

  • was was the sign they took?

  • was was the sign they took?

  • So rigged makes me sick

  • So rigged makes me sick

  • Romney won’t get voted in

  • Mitt Romney as next president, your all FUCKED best of luck

  • The Dubstep song set an Epic mood for this video! GO RON PAUL!!!!


  • 01:43
    I thought they were saying New World Order..

  • ~Champion~

  • No, that isn’t Dr Paul’s way at all. You mentioned ‘getting others to’. Oh really? Dr Paul is merely presenting the water, he isn’t demanding the horse drink it, even though it is for its own good.
    I have no doubt whatsoever that your assumptions are correct but the means you’d employ are wrong. Knowledgeable people have a problem translating theory into practice.
    Therein lies the problem with knowing too much

  • He’s a Libertarian that ran on the Rep. Ticket because 3rd party voting is a Joke. Ron Paul is a Libertarian through and through

  • this isn’t about winning my friend, this is about getting others to stand up and call out the system that is ruining our way of life. Im on my way to bringing change in a way that i can by myself, and it’s actually following in Dr. Paul’s footsteps. Problem is the majority needs to wake up and take action.

  • Yes, I understand you’re fully informed but this has compromised your ability to act. Can’t you see that for all the cards you hold, I, with no cards whatsoever, will always win? And that is in spite of my even having told you I have none.
    But I’m not out to belittle you, nor praise myself.
    There is far far more than just knowledge itself.
    Tell you what.!…I will win the war while you take notes. The two go hand in hand, never apart.

  • don’t mean to be rude, but please I’m awake as can be, i see the system and the greed, and i don’t like people who aren’t as informed telling me everything is alright.

  • Back to the video hey? One thing at a time. It is, afterall, the only thing ‘I’ can do right now, as it is for you to reply. Nothing else matters. Alright?
    Th Ron Paul camp have did very well at the RNC, indirectly by cornering the GOP which made a fool of itself. And people noticed. Did they ever!! In fact, had the delegates been seated, it may not have gone so well.
    Many ways to skin a cat my friend. It isn’t all a conspiracy that can’t be won. You place far too many hurdles in your path

  • We know that Harvard university has conclusively concludee that fluoride in the water supply lowers iq and neurological abilities despite the corporations push to put it into water and toothpaste. These “conspiracies” all have fact and research behind them to bring conscious thinking individuals to the conclusions.

  • get a life troll.. We have the proof the corps run society. We know Obama puts monsanto president (GMO) into the FDA to not regulate gmo health concerns. We know Jon Corzinne gets away with looting 2.2 billion. We know that Holder gets away with Fast and furious and it comes out in congressional testimony that the 2nd amendment was the main target.
    i suggest turning off your tv tube for a bit a day.

  • 5:55 ugly jew face