Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!

  • I know but which remix? Because there are lots of them..

  • I’m trying to understand you. You seem aware of whats going on and a bit philosophic. Im saying we the people need to be the change in the world we want to see. As far as finding the cure, i say find the cause, and i do believe that the people want cures, but it’s “big business” that prevents advanced medicine from being exposed in the public eye. Medical field is a business, and Big pharma is the slave master. There is hope for our country, but it will only come when we all do our part.

  • We think our gov.,is fair but think again,romneys supporters must have more clout than Dr.Paul’s supporters so we’ve have to get more,way more.Though i really dont think with the rule changes that they will let it happen again.I really hate those crooked sob’s.

  • Yeah I know but there are lots of remixes of that song and I can’t find that one in particular

  • Toching… I discovered this man a year and a half ago, and i will never forget him, a true pillar of inspiration, in an era so disgusting and filled with greed, wars, and evil. This man is like a beam of light in a dark room; the first modern politician i ever esteemed and judged as a mentor.
    The American people ow much to this man, for he is probably the last true president they could have ever had. Ufortunatelly it is now split amongst a cruel buisenessman, or a marionette.

  • One of the Greatest humans in the history of Mankind. A modern day George Washington. We will persevere and survive these Troubled times on the basis of your thoughts, so Help me God.

  • There goes America’s last chance

  • There goes America’s last chance

  • James Delaney

    Dear Senator Ron Paul, I am a Georgia Native that now Lives in Tallahassee Florida, I truly stand by your message, I heard that you will never be running for president again, and I find this truly troublesome. Please please I beg you never stop fighting for this country the message is growing daily you will be the president we so desperately need. Stay true to the fight, we will be ready for the next one. the republican party has damaged you, and your loyalty are still true. I will be here the entire four years until the next election and ill still be Screaming with all of my heart RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT. you literally can take this revolution to the next level the people are listening and the tides are changing. and when the democrats and the republicans start tumbling down the country will beg you for the help we will so desperately need. This country has become blinding by greed and power and the powerful do not see their own demise approaching, the cause of course being themselves. The people are becoming educated, the people are waking up to the truth the rich are becoming poor and the powerful, powerless, If something is not done soon, America will be lost we need the message you give and the leadership you provide and the integrity you put forth, without your backbone this country is on the fast track to its end. Please reconsider running again, and I the low man on the totem pole will keep spreading the message far and wide.

  • sounds like the terminator.

  • AtlGlamDoll

    Ron Paul’s Party?
    It’s the “party” that make’s S#!+ make sense!
    It’s the “party” that fixes things rather than just argue about them.
    It’s the “party” that gets rid of the garbage, and puts sensible liberty for all citizens above all else.
    It’s the “party” that agree’s that persons freedom ought to be respected, as should a state’s freedom to legislate.
    It’s the “party” that will realistically improve life in America, instead of just pocketing or yammering about things that ought to be done to improve the lives of individual citizens.


  • gop lost 10%+ of their voter base

  • Ron Paul, please forgive those that didn’t vote for you. They know not what they do.

  • There are a few pro-obama web sites that are asking thier obama supporters to go on social networking sites and You Tube to reach unenchanted Republicans to encourage them to write-in a vote for Ron Paul, essentially giving a vote for obama. Don’t be fooled by the Ron Paul write-in idiots, they are obama supporters and will do anything to get obama re-elected!

  • Its called “Time” it from the Inception Soundtrack

  • Its called “Time” it from the Inception Soundtrack

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  • What’s the name of the song at the end? the time remix? ITS INCREDIBLE!

  • More like: I may not be back, but my ideals will be!

  • I love it. Doesn’t the Republican Party even recognize that all they are doing is driving away critical votes that they need? How would it hurt to have that woman just acknowledge the votes for Ron Paul?

    And we are supposed to trust these guys to conduct our international diplomacy after seeing them conduct inter-party diplomacy this way? Absolutely absurd.

    BTW, anyone love how Ron Paul has the only campaign that doesn’t monitor the comment section?

    This nailed Romney’s electoral coffin.