Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!

  • You forgot to mention all the starving millions in Africa. Well, I’m busy today, but I promise to feed them all by tomorrow.
    You’ll need a steady hand for that scalpel you know. This is what makes a good surgeon. i.e. clarity of mind with a single purpose. Nothing else is allowed to be important.

  • Iif you tie up a dog for fear of it biting people, one day it will bite people, Now the conspiracy theorist’s take on this would be to say ‘See, I was right ! That dog needed tying up’
    My point is that the conspiracy theorist is making it all happen by his very own actions. It wasn’t true to start with. The illuminati are laughing at all the cleverness that’s been awarded them.None of it is true.They’re an inbred moronic bunch of super rich individuals who see ‘us’ as fools. I agree with them

  • Alex can’t blame the illuminati for the stick that’s beating him. Alex gave it to them. And the Bilderberg group is secretive only to keep the likes of Alex…out ! It goes on and on doesn’t it? The illuminati…. a rich, moronic, bunch of inbreeds must be laughing for the free ride Alex and others are giving them. They have no agenda except for the ones that Alex gives them. How they must love him !!!
    Get my point?

  • this time the media made it too obvious that they get controlled by huge powers.the world is about to go to world war 3.ron paul could have stopped it maybe with Gods will but we are now left with Satanic candidates.with three words “we are fucked”


  • How do you explain lobbyist groups lobbying to put in the TSA scanners before we even let the underwear bomber on the plane? YOu do know we let the underwear bomber on the plane right???? Secrartary Kennedy admitted it in congressional testimony, yet we have these scanners and need to be groped and our children molested in fear of an enemy we fully support and started with Zbwgiew Bresinski.

  • How do you expelling Monsanto refusing to regulate Genetically modified foods, when independent and international research pores it causes sterility and organ failure in lab animals? How do you explain Micheal R. Taylor being assigned as the Chief commissioner of the FDA despite public outcry? Why would obama put the enemy in the FDA? Perhaps you can explain John P. Holdre’ns “Eco Science” where he explains how to put chemicals in food and water to sterlizie the masses?
    Educate a little more.

  • how can you diminish “conspiracies” if they are on record in congressional testimony?
    How do you explain NY head of FBI caught on tape telling the terrorist to bomb the WTC in 93?
    Or how do you explain our gov funding Al Qaeda in Syria and Lybia, despite telling us we need to up national security because of Al Qaeda when we are fully support9g them with money and weaponry?
    You Non conspiracy deniers aren’t informed enough to see the real world.

  • and here i thought i was the only one.everytime i go on facebook i see one more of my ron paul freinds take up nut’s like alex jones,mark dice,and illuminati bs.its disheartening for me as a ron paul supporter because these people will represent him.thus the movement will either be contained or burn out.

  • Just to add. My wife’s nursing home has many institutionalised sick and elderly patients. Most cannot be cured because there is no will to and besides, they are dependant upon staying sick now to maintain their livelihood. So being sick has become a way of life. This may sound cynical to you but it is absolutely true. The pill pushing doctors are all partly to blame. For years now I have wanted to take a stick to the lot of them. Anyway, something for you to consider re: your future career..

  • But I do like Ron Paul. He is the only sensible choice. And why am I here? Making a difference I suppose i.e. toning down the conspiracy talk, the NWO crap, all the stuff that reinforced the RP support base their deeply held conviction that they were all victims in a merciless world. But are they victims? Yes…to themselves and themselves alone. No-one else is causing it.
    It’s seems impossible to convince anyone of this, but I tried.

  • Well, I hope there are enough sensible people like you Paul.
    One smug Romney supporter pointed out how RP supporters, in chanting ‘End The Fed’ and embracing crazy conspiracy theories, had won Romney’s campaign for him, even though Romney himself stood for nothing. And he was right I hate to say. Far too much revolutionary talk instead of showing responsibility in being able to govern. Like ‘End The Fed’ to what end? It was a self destructive campaign, but it did manage to tip Romney’s hand

  • He even predicted the gradual loss of our civil liberties when the Patriot Act was created. We should have listened to him then!

  • Does anyone actually LIKE Mitt Romney? Does anyone think he won’t say anything to get elected? Does anyone think he’ll stop the massive taxpayer funded bank bailouts when his running mate begged us to bail out the banks quoting the federal reserve that the sky was falling? Ron Paul would make a better president. He has been predicting all this financial corruption since the real estate bubble started. He predicted blowback when President Clinton bombed Iraq.

  • If you don’t like Ron Paul why are you even wasting time here?

  • wrong again. The educated Ron Paul supporter wants corporate lobbying out of politics. this is our ocutnry, not Monsanto’s or the Federal Reserves in which they can dish out unlimited amounts of money without any financial oversight by congress. Ron Paul suportdsr are for the way our country is supposed to be and bought up. personally id say obama supporters are the ones who seem to crave welfare lately. The guy seems to be brainwashing us to be dependent on gov, Ron is the exact opposite.

  • (continued) Look, the average RP supporter has ideals in conflict with his own reality. He is, for instance, on welfare while demanding it be abolished, always fighting in demanding peace, in chains while demanding freedom. Now, the system did not do this to him !!! He did !!! And shoot himself in the foot everytime he will So, Is the RP supporter nuts? Yes !!!! And this is how the Romney people see him in calling him an idiot.
    Solution: DO NOT FIGHT THEM. Go around, like RP does

  • Have you ever noticed how RP rarely attacks, but rather allows his opponents to fall onto their own sword? And boy, don’t they ever (fall) !! Fraud exposed…everywhere!!! So why are RP supporters so disappointed, lying in defeat when in fact, they have won !! I am an outside observer and can easily see this. Harder when in the ‘thick of it’, as you are, no doubt.
    The ‘system’ cannot be beaten because we ARE the system. So fighting it will merely lead to shooting ourselves in the foot.

  • this video shows how powerfull AIPAC is.

  • It is very fitting u_u

  • When i say do our part, i mean like yourself and I, make a conscious effort to see whets going on. It’s obvious you know there is some trouble, and that itself is a good thing. A lot of our fellow Americans aren’t even aware of whats going on in todays’ society. Thanks for the compliment btw.
    So what do you think about Romney or Obama? I’m thinking it’s going to be more of the same problems.