Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!

  • GARY JOHNSON 2012!


  • GARY JOHNSON 2012!

  • We must change the corrupt nature of politics. Run for office at any level. If there is a open seat then run for it. Over run the majority. Embrace liberty. RUN FOR OFFICE.

  • Corrupt politics

  • “this convention is a farce!” i wouldn’t have used such eloquent vocabulary at such a tense moment. I would have used another word starting with “f” haha

  • Fuck theses rich bastards Ron Paul is the real President.

  • I want to vote Ron Paul.

  • Hello people…. it’s called fuck the republican party and the democrats cause they both suck!!!

  • then white his name in people

  • then white his name in people

  • I’ve got the feeling you think I’m some type of extremist terrorist lol. All I’m saying is our gov is corrupt and needs changing.

  • Alex sees a conspiracy under every rock and if Obama builds a padded cell in Texas then you can be sure it is for Alex’s sake, no-one else’s. I think Ron Paul would shake Alex if he could, but accepts him nonetheless. As a libertarian, he has no other choice.
    Yes, excellent documentary. Painful to have the truth revealed. But be very very very careful in how you react to it or you’ll end up doing an Obama in exactly the same way Obama did. Reality hit Obama hard I think, very very hard in fact.

  • Why is this video titled “I’ll Be Back”? I Ron Paul going T2 on the GOP?

  • yes but you deny that corporate intestest manipulate government actions. And now you admit that you have watched it and agree that gov sponsored terrorism has happened before.

    You are confusing.

  • Yes, Terror Storm uses the truth to whip up the same evil plot scenario, the same fear mongering over and over. It’s a salesman’s trick to use the truth and Alex has certainly sold it.
    I enjoyed it though for its facts and Alex’s terrific sleuth work. But I deny his interpretation of it or what can be drawn from it. Now you’ve called me delusional, something I’ve not said of you, but where the hell have you been?. I’ve known many of these facts for decades. Not much in Terror Storm is new.

  • I hate how politics divide our country smh

  • your most likely brainwashed o think that Alex Jones is a twit. But contrary to popular belief everything he depicts is documented from government records and congressional testimony. So in reality it’s the non bleivere who are delusional and incapable of absorbing information that is already been proven or suspicious.

  • Now I’m going whoopee with crazy ideas.. Isn’t there a private channel and how do I do it?

  • im not saying violent rebellion if thats what you think, I’m saying an intellectual revolution just what RP declared. Where men and women see the conditions in this country. You see part of the reason no one believes “conspiracies” is because they are too busy living in the matrix. Yes the Matrix. False reality of studying celebs, pop culture and other useless fluff that distracts intellectual ideals. I didn’t wake up till i turned off the tv.

  • whats to quesiton about what i deploy?? The corps are corrupt and controlling in political decision beyond our perspective of choice. Spread the news about gov conspiraies and corruption and the people will want to make change. You see the gov lets banks and the military industrial complex get away with murder, stealing money etc because the same people are in power. Spread the news, enlighten the people and they themselves will want to run for office and make change. things need to be dif.