Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!

  • we are screwed

  • 50 years from now, Ron Paul will be be in the books right up there with the likes of Thomas Jefferson


  • It is an inception soundtrack ost. Just search for them on youtube.

  • I actually cried nearing the end of this video, I cried pretty bad. I’m only a teen, but the impact he has made on my life, idk what to say. I’m speechless.. he was robbed.

  • *This is might be off topic*

    I’m a big Ron Paul supporter and I love this video. I think the song went phenomenally with the vid and I was wondering if anyone can help me get the song or tell me where to get it. I would greatly appreciate it, thank you and have a nice day 🙂

  • rights*

  • Our right are seriously being stripped away from us..

  • Ron Paul, a man who didn’t just want the presidency, he wanted to wake every American up from our corrupt government. I salute you Ron Paul.

  • everybody write ron paul on ur votes regardles if hes there or not we gata speak up and make our voice heard fuck the fed and the govmt we need our money back and our freedom

  • the university of Mississippi supports Ron Paul!

  • Well too bad

  • Oh yes it is 🙂

  • Vote wasted on this drug pusher 😀

  • Haha money bomb fail 🙂

  • Hang on. Relax. We still have Gary Johnson (the Libertarian Party nominee and former 2 term governor of New Mexico) ) in the race on Nov. 6th.

    If we can get Gary Johnson in the debate scheduled of Oct. 3rd we still have a chance (he has filed an anti trust lawsuit to be allowed in the national debates). So don’t curse us. Many of us are doing what we can. So instead of issuing insults, use your valuable voice and help us get GARY JOHNSON elected President on Nov. 6th.

  • You’ll always have my vote Ron Paul, don’t worry.

  • this isn’t fucking right man!

  • We live in the most corrupt system yet. I almost puked I was so angry that they changed rules so that the Goldman Sachs candidates get the nomination. This is a disgrace to our Republic. R.I.P constitution. Ron Paul keep the good fight to preserve our freedoms and Liberties. This is a sad time for the United States. R.I.P Republic.

  • as an Australian I couldnt vote in the US elections, I cried as I watched this..
    Is democracy truelly lost?

    Ron Paul will live on forever in all of us.
    On behalf of the Australian people, fuck you America,
    your military industrial complex and your gross defamation of liberty,

    and fuck you Mitt Romney

  • what song is playing in the background? It sounds so familiar but i cant put my finger on it.