Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!

  • This made me cry.. im serius im from Holland i hoped ron paul would become the next republican… no respect for him ..this is beyond the limits.. sorry for bad english


  • Fucking drones up there lying through their teeth, I refuse to vote for any of these clowns. Ron Paul or bust. You other stupid asses that vote for these utter morons can be blamed for the state this country is in and the future state. Fuck you Obama supporters and A big fuck you to every idiotic republican that lives.

  • You truly do sound like a slave of blind loyalty. I recommend you read what you commented and think about it. By the way, I support true liberty as well.

  • Ron Paul supporters need to come together and vote Libertarian this time around to show the two-party system that WE THE PEOPLE can pick our President and can change the way we live. Gary Johnson 2012!

  • ! thaught of that too but what happend to JFK will happen to who ever triesto stop what they have. Im still going to try change whats happening. Just like 2Pac was trying to do.

  • Assholes.

  • First, sir, I’m so not a sir. Second, that’s your prerogative, sir. I was just pointing it out.

  • Yeah, don’t do anything like actually vote with INTEGRITY! NO, NO, a thousand times NO!! This insult to genuine liberty has to stop, you are a coward of the first degree, sir. Ron Paul is my vote, even if I have to write it in. HE is the only man I will follow, HE is the rightful and legal leader of this nation. “It is not always the same thing to be a good man and a good citizen.” ― Aristotle

  • watching this pisses me off of the unfair bullshit

  • im going to run for president…im not going to change going to bring it back!
    this is corrupt, unfair, fraud,….pethitic..

  • I just want to ask everyone out there planning on voting for a third party candidate to think about how that effects elections… Please look up Clinton’s victory in 1992 and read up on the effect of the third party candidate Ross Perot on the vote. That’s all I ask, just look it up and think about that old idea of divide and conquer…

  • because the ndaa will label us as terrorist and we will never see the light of day again.

  • swear by the grease of god jews turned on ron paul beacouse he spoke the throues they was AFRAID of paul ron paul untill i die !!!


  • I feel like I want to stand up to the government, but I don’t want to die either. Thinking about moving to Europe until things in the US change.

  • the ending music is a remixed version of time from inception

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  • I feel the same way but whats funny is most Americans are not aware of how corrupt they actually are and dont think the regime will get a lot stronger. As the founders said have a revolution every 100 year. Why cant we all just stand up against them.

  • We have two choices. Reveloution, because obiously their not going to let us pick our own choice of president. Or we wait for them to die out then and alert the younger generation of the corruption.

  • Let America burn down to ashes. it dosnt deserve to live on and spread its corruption. If anyone good still manages to live in America, let them rise from the ashes and rebuild this once great nation. Otherwise, theres no hope, no future for this damned nation.