Ron Paul: A Republic, Not a Democracy

by Ron Paul

Last week marked the conclusion of the grand taxpayer funded spectacles known as the national party conventions. It is perhaps very telling that while $18 million in tax dollars was granted to each party for these lavish ordeals, an additional $50 million each was needed for security in anticipation of the inevitable protests at each event. This amounts to a total of $136 million in taxpayer funds for strictly partisan activities – a drop in the bucket relative to our disastrous fiscal situation, but disgraceful nonetheless. Parties should fund their own parties, not the taxpayer.

At these conventions, leaders determined, or pretended to determine, who they wished to govern the nation for the next four years amidst inevitable, endless exaltations of democracy. Yet we are not a democracy. In fact, the founding fathers found the concept of democracy very dangerous.

Democracy is majority rule at the expense of the minority. Our system has certain democratic elements, but the founders never mentioned democracy in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence. In fact, our most important protections are decidedly undemocratic. For example, the First Amendment protects free speech. It doesn’t – or shouldn’t – matter if that speech is abhorrent to 51% or even 99% of the people. Speech is not subject to majority approval. Under our republican form of government, the individual, the smallest of minorities, is protected from the mob.

Sadly, the constitution and its protections are respected less and less as we have quietly allowed our constitutional republic to devolve into a militarist, corporatist social democracy. Laws are broken, quietly changed and ignored when inconvenient to those in power, while others in positions to check and balance do nothing. The protections the founders put in place are more and more just an illusion.

This is why increasing importance is placed on the beliefs and views of the president. The very narrow limitations on government power are clearly laid out in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. Nowhere is there any reference to being able to force Americans to buy health insurance or face a tax/penalty, for example. Yet this power has been claimed by the executive and astonishingly affirmed by Congress and the Supreme Court. Because we are a constitutional republic, the mere popularity of a policy should not matter. If it is in clear violation of the limits of government and the people still want it, a Constitutional amendment is the only appropriate way to proceed. However, rather than going through this arduous process, the Constitution was in effect, ignored and the insurance mandate was allowed anyway.

This demonstrates how there is now a great deal of unhindered flexibility in the Oval Office to impose personal views and preferences on the country, so long as 51% of the people can be convinced to vote a certain way. The other 49% on the other hand have much to be angry about and protest under this system.

We should not tolerate the fact that we have become a nation ruled by men, their whims and the mood of the day, and not laws. It cannot be emphasized enough that we are a republic, not a democracy and, as such, we should insist that the framework of the Constitution be respected and boundaries set by law are not crossed by our leaders. These legal limitations on government assure that other men do not impose their will over the individual, rather, the individual is able to govern himself. When government is restrained, liberty thrives.


  • robin

    French Canadian,
    I take it you don’t know much about Merlin Miller who is running on the third party ticket? Apparently, my husband told me he was a West Point graduate and is an independent film maker and did films about 9/11, etc. He talks about how our elections are a sham and that the elites pick the candidates in both parties. He has adopted most of Ron Paul’s views, so I plan to look into him. Here is a newspaper article that I’d appreciate if you could read and give feedback. How would you respond to this article? Any suggestions? This is written by a local politician who has a local publication…
    The news that the American Ambassador to Libya, along with three other American diplomatic personnel, was murdered by Islamic extremists yesterday brought back to my mind events that I had been part of nearly forty years ago. On March 2, 1973 Ambassador to Sudan Cleo Noel and his Deputy George Moore were murdered on the orders of Yasser Arafat after being taken hostage by a team of operatives of the Black September Organization (BSO). I was at that time a member of a very small group of National Security Agency (NSA) personnel who were tasked with gathering information on Middle Eastern terrorist groups and specifically those operating under the umbrella of the Palestinian Liberation Organization led by Yasser Arafat.

    On February 28, 1973, we had received intercepts, from one of our listening posts, of Arafat and his top Black September Organization (BSO) henchmen discussing the arrival of BSO members in Khartoum. Within hours we had distributed this information to the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in order that their personnel could take precautions in the event that Americans might be targeted. Unfortunately our warnings were dismissed and two days later Noel and Moore, after being taken hostage, were machine gunned to death in the basement of the Saudi Embassy in Khartoum. The deaths of these diplomats would begin a series of four murders of American ambassadors in the Middle East during the 1970�s. It should be noted that only five American ambassadors have been murdered in our country�s history and four have occurred in that hell-hole part of the world.

    I make no apologies for my words describing the Middle East. It is a part of the world that is ruled by ignorance. That some obscure person in the United States could make a YouTube video mocking Islam that�would cause rioting and the breaching of our Cairo embassy walls and the murders of four American diplomatic personnel in Libya�speaks for itself as to the level of reason that rules the current Islamic world. Does anyone believe that if a video mocking Christ or Christianity had been made by a Moslem in the Middle East we would see American citizens sacking the embassies of Egypt or Libya in Washington, D.C.? Of course not.

    For nearly forty years the United States of America and its citizens have expended billions of dollars of treasure and above all the lives and blood of tens of thousands of brave American military personnel in the na�ve pursuit of bringing civilization to this barbaric part of the world. It is a fool�s pursuit.

    Did we not just recently make possible the �liberation� of the people of Libya from the tyranny of Gaddafi? And our reward? More bodies of Americans being dragged through the streets to the cheers of mobs? And then, after this barbaric act against our country, the President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai (who owes his stashed away wealth to the American soldiers who weekly die at the hands of his police) has the gall to blame our country�s right of freedom of speech as the reason these riots and murders occurred.
    Enough of sending America�s best and brightest to this Allah forsaken piece of the world. There is nothing that any country in that part of the world�possesses that we do not have, oil included. We need nothing from them. Bring our sons and daughters home and let these ignorant ingrates go back to killing each other as they have been doing for fifteen hundred years. And then pray that no American President will ever send our Armed Forces on a mission that is impossible to achieve, namely peace in the Middle East. In fact, I would venture to say that the phrase �Peace in the Middle East� is�the ultimate�oxymoron.

    (Editor’s Footnote, Sept. 16: FoxNews today�reports that 4 “NATO” members were killed by a Afghani policeman who turned on them at a police checkpoint. NATO my ass. They were�Americans. I am getting tired of this game of identifying our forces as NATO troops. There are only two countries really doing anything in Afghanistan, the US and�Great Britian. And the US is doing the largest part.�Describing our casualties as NATO is nothing more than�spin to try to�hide from the American public�the reality that it is mostly Americans dying there. Dammit,�the least these brave Americans deserve after giving their lives in service to our country is for�their leaders to acknowledge that they were Americans. Again, NATO my ass.)

  • French Canadian


    These two inteviews will surely greatly interest your husband.

    Alex Jones Show: Sunday (9-16-12) Steve Pieczenik & Webster Tarpley

    “On today’s broadcast, Alex talks with historian and author Webster Tarpley and critically acclaimed author and former State Department official Steve Pieczenik. Tarpley and Pieczenik talk with Alex about the unfolding geopolitical situation.”


    Both guests think Romney is the worst of the two evil and by far. They both don’t like Obama, so they are not saying this to promote him.

    But they both say bizarre things like: Dr Steve Pieczenik. talks about Carter being one of the best President…? He says Hillary is doing a good job…? Says Netanyahou is the next Hitler, etc. Tarpley talks about the Mormon Mafia, the neocons and the CIA who are behind all of this… etc..

    It blows your mind listening to all of this. Even Alex said he was speechless after Pieczenik’s interview and said he did not know what to say about all this.

    I tend to agree a bit more with Tarpley on that subject… but then again, I also agree whith Pieczenik on other things he said. It is getting more and more complicated and intriguing.

    On the first 10 minutes of the show, Alex explains to first time listeners what is going on these days, he does a real good job at it. He answers the question: “Who are you working for… lol? . Then comes Dr Steve Piezcenik interview, followed by Webster.

    Maybe your friend was right to vote for Obama instead of Romney…lol.. who knows?

  • Vote for Ron Paul as an Independent with Jesse Ventura as Vice President in 2012!: ronpaul2012dotnet

    Do NOT vote for Gary Johnson at all! He is a controlled opposition!: watch?v=0Y1egV2Q2FE

  • French Canadian

    TWO short videos:

    This is what I call Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk:

    Alex Jones confronts FBI Agent

    And see in the right column many oter videos where he confronts just about anyone in power.


    And now, this is how you educate people and bring a whole crowd on your side. Alex is a bit of a trouble-maker here…lol… but he gives the whole information to the people there who are waiting to get a driver license and he starts sort of a riot and they all cheer for him.

    MUST see this video, it is hilarious:

    Alex Jones arrested for refusing to thumbscan

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    I have a news article that a local politician wrote about the Middle East that I’d love feedback now. He has a weekly publication he puts out. It looks like my post is awaiting moderation=I guess because it is long in length…Keep an eye out…Peace…

  • French Canadian

    Sorry folks. The new link I gave you for Ben Swann’s interview is only an audio.
    So if you want to see the video, go here instead:

    The interview starts at: 1:08:58

    Alex Jones Show: Friday (9-14-12) Ben Swann

  • French Canadian

    For people who missed Ben Swann on Alex Jones, here is the full interview:

    Fox 19′s Ben Swann: It’s Liberty vs Oppression

    “Ben Swann is a breath of fresh air – a mainstream journalist who actually tells the truth!

    Swann works for FOX19 Evening News in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is the recipient of both an Edward R. Murrow Award and two Emmy’s.”


    And if you want to hear the most poverful interview that Gerald Celente ever made, watch it here:

    Gerald Celente is on Fire: Watch His Most Powerful Analysis Ever

  • To all the ROMNEY voters… you do know he’s bought for and your vote doesn’t count for shit. Ron Paul is doing this without the Big Gov’t because he is FOR THE PEOPLE. He’s mentioning how certain political parties are taking YOUR tax money and using it for their benefits. People who are disagreeing with the DOCTOR (who has been saying the same shit for 30 years) is just trying to get through to people. He is also a Congressman and deserves the respect.ROMNEY is bought for and just another face.

  • robin

    Anyone know much about Merlin Miller on the third party ticket? Apparently, he has adopted all of Ron Paul positions on the issues..Thanks.. If you haven’t watched the interview with Ben Swann on Alex Jones, it is worth your time. He brings up some very important points. He said he will be doing a story on the latest economic strategy this coming week because no one seems to understand what it is or what it means. The first is about the liberal vs. conservative paradigm which is what most people get stuck in. He instead says it’s liberty vs. oppression and why we made a 360 degree paradigm shift in our thinking after 9/11 and was part of our awakening how we are all being manipulated to stay divided and polarized so we can’t come together as Americans. Ben also shows humility and thanks his many viewers that have provided him with valuable information to look into and stories to pursue. The more I listen to this guy, the more I like him and are thankful he is helping to wake people up.

    French Canadian,
    Alex was on his best behavior and seemed genuinely humbled by Ben and what he has done for the liberty movement and someone who is an honest, and balanced journalist willing to tackle the stories that no one else is. I appreciate that Ben also has an open mind, even though many of his fans did not want him to go on the Alex Jones show.

    • French Canadian


      Thanks for the feed-back.

      But what kills me is this: ” …even though many of his fans did not want him to go on the Alex Jones show.” I mean where on earth do these lunatics come from? That puzzles me. It shows these people never took the time to listen to the Alex Jones Show.

      Everybody goes on the Alex Jones Show… the most prestigious guests in the world goes on his show. Ron Paul went there more than 300 times. Do these people think that these guests goes there to destroy their own credibility or what?

      It makes me so mad that some people are so ignorant. Alex is the greatest American patriot you can find in your country today. And he knows so much in so many fields, not many people can brag they know more than him… if there ever are some.

      Alex has been bashed so much, because he is the ONLY one, who for more than 18 years, had the guts to tell it like it is. He Talks the Talk and he Walk the Walk… which is a very rare quality nowaday. He is the Number One Ennemy of the MSM… this is why he gets so much bashing.

      Conclusion: I’m glad to see that Ben Swann is not part of these lunatics.

      By the way, Alex always behave perfectly in interviews (apart for interrupting too much)… he only gets wild when he is ranting alone on a subject, because he he gets passionate. If these people would only listen to his show for a week, they would adore him… and they would change their mind about him. But people are so stupid, they do not verify for thenselves, they only believe the propaganda on internet and on television about Alex.

      Gee, I hope there are not to many lunatics like these people, because if there is… your country as ZERO chance of ever recovering.

      “You better hang together or you will hang separetly”

  • Scott R

    The FED has pleged to buy 40 billion worth of mortgage backed securities per month indefinately. If you split that by 311,000,000 – the population of the US, that’s $128.62 per month per man, woman, and child going to the banks. Another way to look at it is $514.47 per family of 4. In protest, we should all organize and start subtracting the $514.47 from our mortgage payments. What are they going to do, deny credit to EVERYONE? I don’t think so.

    The FED MUST be stopped before our currency is destroyed! Do not support Romney or Obama. Neither one will do anything about the FED. Our only choice is Gary Johnson!

  • Surfisher
  • There’s no solution in Politics – Alan Watt Breaks Down Ron Paul


  • Surfisher

    How the Central Banks (the International Jews and their patsies) STOLE our Free Nation and turned it into a Money Pit — where, We, The People, have become their economic SLAVES!

    Recommended reading — “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” Copyright © 1971 by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham ISBN: 0899666612 & “The International Jew” by Henry Ford (read his ORIGINAL writings from the 1920’s)!

    Some key points from this video: (

    “The decrease in purchasing power incurred by holders of money due to inflation imparts gains to the issuers of money.”

    St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, Review, Nov. 1975, p.22

    (minute 22:48)

    “The entire world economy rests on the consumer; if he ever stops spending money he doesn’t have on things he doesn’t need, we are done for.”

    (minute 26:22)

    “With the monetary we have now, the careful saving of a lifetime can be wiped out in an eyeblink.”

    (minute 27:27)

    “When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    (minute 29:30)

    *This has to be the BEST QUOTE VALID for ALL the World that wants FREEDOM and Prosperity — few other can compare to the verity of this one!*

    “I wouldn’t go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.”

    Major General Smedley Butler USMC (1881-1940)

    Usury is the norm — the creation of more money from the same amount of money, without the effort of the usurer (now days called Bank LENDER) to produce anything of intrinsic worth.

    (minute 32:51)

    STUNNING MATH — at 10% interest the Money-Lenders will own ALL REAL Money in 50 years!

    (minute 33:12)

    US Dollar has lost over 96% of its value in the last 100 years! How far will it still sink…and does it really matter…since it’s so close to Zero now?!

    (minute 45:51)

    Summation of Banksters FRAUD — minute 58:40-101:40

    Shows the exact MO of the International Jews owning the Banks that enslave US!

    At minute 104:05 — the comments are NO LONGER VALID (goes into “virtual” dollar)…thus not respective of the gold standard that needs to be reinstated to save US from economic collapse!

    Gold’s intrinsic value has validity, since it is of a specified limited quantity (being all nearly mined) — while Paper Money can be reproduced by the growth and cutting of many trees, nearly forever!

    “Electronic” Dollars — are just a a venue for a further Big Brother Dictatorship!

    We need to return to the Original US Dollars (Silver and Gold CERTIFICATES) — the ones guaranteeing that the Dollar Amount on these US Treasury Bills (not some worthless “Promissory Federal Reserve Notes”) are BACKED and PAYABLE IN SILVER (OR GOLD) BY ANY US BANK UPON THE BEARER’S DEMAND!!!

    This is the only TRUE TEST of the VALIDITY of ANY Real Paper Money!!!

    minute 108:20 — gets back on track, showing the dead-end Banksters are holding US economic hostages with our government’s approval!

    at minute 111:01 — fails for the Second Time by stating the IDIOCY that Nationalized Banking is NEEDED (to solve the problem of Usury)! Then goes on to some other options, such as Localized Community Banking. Neither are valid options if printed Money is not pegged to a Gold Standard!

    Ends sarcastically with the Taxman (the armed IRS goon) pointing a gun at the working people: “We are only doing this to save you. Remember that!”

    Spread it!

  • “…valid political philosophy…”

  • French Canadian


    In my last “Reply” to you, I told you that Alex jones was funny. This is what I meant:

    Did your hear this song? Weldon Henson comes on the show with his guitar and sits right in front of Alex in the studio and sings him the song. Beautiful performance!. You should see Alex’s reaction… funny! Watch it, it’s good. And it is short.

    Crazy Like Alex Jones-Weldon Henson


    On the othervideo below by Robert Ownby this time, Alex loved so much the song that he often plays it on his show… but this time it’s with a video where you can see Alex in action, the times he got arrested… his protests.. the best one is at the airport where they ask him for Identification… he gives them about 50 identification cards… it was so funny. You can also see him when he was younger and thinner… very awsome guy. This guy is so genuine, so much part of all of us, you’ve got to like him.

    If only Ron Paul had Alex’s guts, he would have been the nominee. So sad!

    But listen to both videos. This resumes my opinion on Alex. Then I promise, I’ll shut up about him…lol

    “CRAZY LIKE ALEX JONES” by Robert Ownby

  • Surfisher

    When you have the time watch this long video.

    The best explanation of our Money crisis!

    • Surfisher

      Looks like this Ron Paul Fan Site is still under attack by Mitt’s cyber goons, again!

      Takes foreeeeever to load page!

      Since the INFO to WRITE Ron Paul IN was posted here — looks like Rmoney’s Team worried that their master won’t win, are pursuing all venues, to shut Ron Paul down, like they did at their OWNED Tampa Convention!

      Write in Ron Paul for 2012 President is online!

      Vote and spread it like wildfire!

      • French Canadian


        Indeed, it takes foreeeeever to load the site. It takes a lot of patience . When it opens, then it takes another 5 minutes to get to the comments section… and then another 10 minutes before your post appears. They are trying to discouraged us… but we have patience… they won’t stop us from coming on this site.

        • Surfisher

          French Canadian — exactly!

          Our message is clear and true. As such, it is immaterial how long it takes to be posted, since it is impossible to be negated!

          The Truth is their demise — they can only delay it, by will never escape it!

        • Surfisher


          French Canadian — On the up side, the Trolls and Shills that pollute this forum are nearly gone by this delay… these creatures need constant and instant attention…LOL!

  • What is your purpose here? Even though its pretty clear to everyone that Ron Paul is not going to be the next president, you still come and make these posts, LOL. Which by the way consistently receives “too many negative votes.” I really hope you are getting paid to do it, otherwise your lack of intelligence takes the all time YouTube cake, which is pretty low due to so many angry little kids.

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    The interviews I listened to did not lead me to believe she was anti=Semitic or blaming a certain group of people. She was just telling it like she saw it. I listened to the interviews she did with a pastor. Yes, I feel exactly as you do about Ron Paul. In the end, he really let a lot of people down by not doing the just and right thing, but then, I have never had him on a pedestal. Like all of us, he has his faults. When it comes down to walking the walk, and not just talking the talk, (when it counts the most), he caves in. You can’t create real change and do that. You are right about the liberty movement splitting into different factions. I see it happening already. It happens in all groups when there isn’t a strong leader present. I haven’t listened to Ben Swann yet, but I plan to later. Again, we are doing what we can to prepare for what is waiting for us before or after the election. It really appears that they want Romney in there now and Obama has outlived his usefulness. As far as the killing of the ambassador, you have to know that the intelligence community was behind this to take us to war=Mossad, CIA, MI-6, etc. Most Americans will never make that connection and it continues to be a lethal weapon they use to fuel hatred to justify continued invasions. People in this country are so selfish as they only talk about our military losses and not civilian casualties in the Middle East. This is ever so disturbing to me especially for those I know who are pro=life. It’s the biggest hypocrisy.

    • French Canadian


      I am glad you had a different opinion on Kay Griggs. That reassure me, because I believed what she was saying… it’s just that I got the impression that she was sort of blaming all this on the head of the military who was Jewish.

      After listening to Ben Swann’s interview, give me a feed-back on what your thoughts are about it. Personally I think it was a great interview, Alex and Ben seemed to really like and appreciated each other. Watch Ben smiling when Alex speaks… he thinks he is funny, that is for sure. In fact, Alex is a real funny guy… I also smile and even sometimes laugh when I listen to his show.

      Don’t worry about the Ambassador, I knew right away what was going on out there… lol… they always follow the same blue print. We SEE them.

      Speaking of Romney, this week (I don’t recall which guests of the show it was), said that Obama made a big boom in the polls… apparently he is 8 points ahead of Romney. The guest said it was due to something Romney said… but I don’t recall either what Romney said… lol… (senior moment, I beleive…lol)

  • French Canadian


    I have respended to your two last posts with the REPLY button.

    I just want to make a correction:

    I meant: From an “oursider” and not “inseder” looking in…lol

    And I also want to add this: What really broke my heart about Ron paul, was the Ron Paul’s Festival. Imagine these thousands of good families comming all the way to Tampa, with bix expenses in this broken economy… all coming to celebrate him and he didn’t bother coming to the event. For me, this is unconcievable and increbibly ruthless.

    Imagine if your friends would have prepared months ahead a celebration for you (and you knew about it), but didn’t bother coming. You should merit to lose all your friends.

    I will never be able to overcome what Ron did to these supporters by not at least showing for a minute at the event.

  • Yes, you do have a choice…your OWN choice, not just between the phoney choices presented you. I sympathise with you in that we all fall prey to having to choose, perhaps between something as small as taking the butter or instead of margarine.
    Well, how about neither. !!! There is always a choice. ALWAYS