Ron Paul: A Republic, Not a Democracy

by Ron Paul

Last week marked the conclusion of the grand taxpayer funded spectacles known as the national party conventions. It is perhaps very telling that while $18 million in tax dollars was granted to each party for these lavish ordeals, an additional $50 million each was needed for security in anticipation of the inevitable protests at each event. This amounts to a total of $136 million in taxpayer funds for strictly partisan activities – a drop in the bucket relative to our disastrous fiscal situation, but disgraceful nonetheless. Parties should fund their own parties, not the taxpayer.

At these conventions, leaders determined, or pretended to determine, who they wished to govern the nation for the next four years amidst inevitable, endless exaltations of democracy. Yet we are not a democracy. In fact, the founding fathers found the concept of democracy very dangerous.

Democracy is majority rule at the expense of the minority. Our system has certain democratic elements, but the founders never mentioned democracy in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence. In fact, our most important protections are decidedly undemocratic. For example, the First Amendment protects free speech. It doesn’t – or shouldn’t – matter if that speech is abhorrent to 51% or even 99% of the people. Speech is not subject to majority approval. Under our republican form of government, the individual, the smallest of minorities, is protected from the mob.

Sadly, the constitution and its protections are respected less and less as we have quietly allowed our constitutional republic to devolve into a militarist, corporatist social democracy. Laws are broken, quietly changed and ignored when inconvenient to those in power, while others in positions to check and balance do nothing. The protections the founders put in place are more and more just an illusion.

This is why increasing importance is placed on the beliefs and views of the president. The very narrow limitations on government power are clearly laid out in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. Nowhere is there any reference to being able to force Americans to buy health insurance or face a tax/penalty, for example. Yet this power has been claimed by the executive and astonishingly affirmed by Congress and the Supreme Court. Because we are a constitutional republic, the mere popularity of a policy should not matter. If it is in clear violation of the limits of government and the people still want it, a Constitutional amendment is the only appropriate way to proceed. However, rather than going through this arduous process, the Constitution was in effect, ignored and the insurance mandate was allowed anyway.

This demonstrates how there is now a great deal of unhindered flexibility in the Oval Office to impose personal views and preferences on the country, so long as 51% of the people can be convinced to vote a certain way. The other 49% on the other hand have much to be angry about and protest under this system.

We should not tolerate the fact that we have become a nation ruled by men, their whims and the mood of the day, and not laws. It cannot be emphasized enough that we are a republic, not a democracy and, as such, we should insist that the framework of the Constitution be respected and boundaries set by law are not crossed by our leaders. These legal limitations on government assure that other men do not impose their will over the individual, rather, the individual is able to govern himself. When government is restrained, liberty thrives.


  • Surfisher

    The Mitt, orchestrated the takeover of the GOP to assure his nomination without a glitch!

    Thus, his atrocious actions will assure not only his demise as Pres.Candidate, but also the demise of the NOW rotten-to-the-core Republican Establishment.

    How idiotic (does the Mitt even have an INDEPENDENTLY functioning brain…?) was Romoney’s UGLINESS in achieving this (to alienate ALL free thinkers by his PERFIDY, thus assuring his own political demise, and DRAGGING what’s left of the GOP down the drain with him)!

    Democrooks should congratulate the Mitt: “Great job there sport, killing two birds with your own stoned stupidity”.

    Write Ron Paul in — JUST vote your conscience — DO NOT reward Rmoney for his crookedness!

  • John


  • John

    FORGET CHICKEN LITTLE.SEE for a solution oriented American.

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    I will also say I am thankful that my husband is a self=sufficiency kind of person. His skills will come in handy if they are needed in a barter system of the future. Most of us are not prepared in this way=including our children…

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    Thank you for the info about how to prepare for an economic collapse. It’s foremost on my mind right now to get our family as prepared as possible. We are doing all of these. I’m only sorry we don’t have a farm and can be off the grid. I will listen to that program. I am posting about 9/11 today and actually got a relative to respond. Got this person thinking, so I will continue to post what I do for those who choose to wake up. Maybe it will all come back to them when things fall apart. Neighbors who have their flags out think this is what it means to be a patriotic American. What they don’t realize is it’s those of us who are speaking out against the group mind and then are labeled paranoid(had a relative tell me that/and another call me a conspiracy terrorist). Peace….I’m still thinking about my educator friend that called Obama a “visionary”. Wow! Her denial is very powerful as are many in this country on both sides of the spectrum. People who still defend Bush to the bitter end. Same with people like Reagan and the list goes on and on…Since I taught in our educational system, I saw firsthand how the indoctrination and brainwashing works.

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul — the Greatest American of the 21st Century!

    Dr. Paul started the peaceful Intellectual Revolution — to save our Nation from a criminal US Government that has FINALLY declared that We, The People, are NOW considered “their Enemy” (not some rag-tag band of crazy Muslims they want us to think have a chance to cross thousands of miles of oceans in… rowboats… to INVADE US)!

    Ron Paul started it — and We, The People, will finish it!

    True Ideas never die — so eventually — Bye, bye, NWO wannabe despots (NOW, We, The People, know WHO YOU ARE…and WILL END YOU)!

    Time to start organizing to win our country back!

    What we need to do!

    First Step:
    Do NOT vote for The Mitt

    Second Step:
    Do NOT vote for The BO

    Third Step:
    Vote your Conscience (NEVER vote for what you consider the lesser of two Evils)!

    I’m writing Ron Paul in — a protest vote is better than no vote!

    Forth Step:
    Get Harry Reid removed from US Senate!

    That’s just the beginning!

  • Christmas is coming up. Sure your relatives would love a confederate flag coffee cup to sip while they read Tom Delorenzo’s book on Abe Lincoln.

  • Thanks for the advice, I think I might do that.

  • “You don’t get your own personal president. Sorry.”

    Neither does Goldman Sacs. Americans have no President. President is a position created and defined by the Constitution. If the Constitution means nothing to him, his words mean nothing to me. Whatever Barry is, it sure isn’t an American President.

  • stop feeling sorry for yourself. You gave money to Ron Paul and now you realize he was nothing but a con man. You dumb schmuck.

  • We aren’t a Democracy or a Constitutional Republic. We’re a work farm of debt slaves with no representation, and you want us to show these criminals respect.

  • Get a life troll. I see you on every Paul video. Do you even have a job? Even your dumbass user name discredits yourself. Who are you voting for so I can vote the opposite. All you can do is insult people because you’re full of shit

  • You don’t get your own personal president. Sorry.

  • Yep. He is. Sorry 🙂

  • Dear Dr Paul,
    Your son Rand is a total sell out and tool. Shame he cant carry on in your place

  • Liberty movement? You mean the liberty industry. Be sure to make a contribution and buy some merchandise. T-shirts, mugs, books, DVDs, tune into the radio show and support the sponsors. You fool.

  • Ron Paul is a fucking liar and you’re a fool for defending him.

  • Ron Paul is not your president.

  • The joke is on you, dumb schmuck. How much money did you give to this con man?

  • Proven beyond doubt? haha.